"'Wild Child' is about the kind of women I've been drawn to in my life," Chesney tells PEOPLE

Credit: Charles Sykes/Rex

Think you’re Kenny Chesney‘s kind of girl?

Well, if you listen to the lyrics of “Wild Child,” his latest tune climbing the charts, you’ll hear the singer celebrating the type of women he loves and admires – those with a free-spirit.

” ‘Wild Child’ is about the kind of women I’ve been drawn to in my life,” Chesney tells PEOPLE. “They have this gypsy spirit and a hunger for life. They want to taste it all and color outside the lines. It’s different from a lot of songs I’ve written. It’s more than just a one-on-one love song. It’s a love for that kind of soul.”

For Chesney, the song, co-written with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, represents a part of him he wasn’t quite as in touch with years ago.

“I don’t know if I could have written it 10 years ago because I’ve changed so much,” Chesney, who recently , says. “I wanted to let women know that they are seen for how they are and who they are. It’s not about what they wear; it’s about how they walk through the world. It’s about their heart.”

And Chesney says it seems to have a struck a chord with the women in his life. “I’ve heard from so many girl friends of mine about how much this song has touched them, and it makes me feel so great that they are being seen,” he says. “I’ll be doing ‘Wild Child’ in my show the rest of my life. And I’m proud of that.”

Reporting by EILEEN FINAN