Why Kenny Chesney Says His New Song 'Save It for a Rainy Day' Is a 'Wake-Up Call'

We guarantee it'll chase your blues away – and make you want to take a vacation

Photo: Courtesy Kenny Chesney/EB Media PR

Nursing a broken heart never looked so … fun!

Kenny Chesney serves up the perfect remedy to feeling down in his brand new video for “Save It for a Rainy Day,” which celebrates life in only the way the leader of No Shoes Nation can.

With lyrics like “Sun’s too bright/ the sky is too blue/ beer is too cold to be thinkin’ about you,” Chesney keeps it lighthearted while delivering a bigger message.

“This song came through, and it’s sneaky, because it seems so fun and easy, but if you think about what it’s saying? Man, that’s every single person I know – me included!” Chesney, 47, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“And what would you give to have somebody tell you in the moments when you can’t get out of your rut, ‘Hey, man, you have a choice here?’ ” he says. “‘You can hang on to what’s bringing you down, or you can look around and see this gorgeous day you’re wasting.'”

So, you don’t have a vacation home in the Caribbean or a boat to escape to? No big deal – it’s more about choosing to seek out happiness.

“Feeling bad is easy, especially when things aren’t going your way,” says Chesney. “But you get a choice! This song’s a wake-up call, you know? Remember you choose how you feel. You can decide you’re not going to surrender to feeling bad, and find the joy or the good, or the sun in the sky and that’s a big deal.”

In fact, the singer says as soon as he heard the tune, he knew it was the right fit for his album.

“When I was considering songs for The Big Revival, I was looking for songs that spoke to the audience but spoke to me, too,” says Chesney. “There can be a whole lot of truth on records and it doesn’t have to be heavy. Three minutes of something that feels good can hold a lot of wisdom, if you listen.”

Chesney is currently on a 22-stadium tour through the end of August.

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