The singer say the song "captures all the little things that life really is made of"

By Katie Kauss
Updated June 20, 2014 06:30 PM
Credit: Allister Ann

Finally! It’s been 18 days since Kenny Chesney teased his new single in a Tweet, letting us listen to 22 seconds of “American Kids” and sneak a peek at a short clip of the video.

Today, we finally get to listen to all three minutes and eight seconds of “Kids” – and get a better idea of the singer’s vision for his upcoming album.

“There is so much more to being alive than partying, tailgates and bonfires,” Chesney explains in a press release. “It’s every single detail of being young, growing up, remembering when, laughing about how, but especially knowing you can still do all those things!”

Chesney tries to have fun in his music, but wants to send a message, too, explaining, “Just because it makes you smile that doesn’t mean a song can’t say something!”

He continues, “American kids are so much more complicated, more fun, more real – and if there’s anything about this song, beyond the rhythms, the hooks and the playing, that I love, it’s the fact that it captures all the little things that life really is made of.”

Listen to “American Kids” below – and tell us what you think in the comments. Thanks, Kenny, for helping us start summer on the right foot!