A bat snuck into the Ballerini-Evans home... and Twitter had a blast
kelsea ballerini
Credit: kelsea ballerini/instagram. Inset: Getty Images

Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans hosted an unexpected guest Monday night.

The country singing couple spent their evening trying to get a bat to leave their house — and Ballerini, 26, hilariously live-tweeted the whole encounter (and eviction).

"just as @Morgan_Evans & I got all cozy in bed, a BAT flew out of SOMEWHERE in the BEDROOM and now we can't get him OUT and although he's little and cute he's STILL HERE," she wrote.

"Morg is currently calling him a 'good boy' and saying 'I believe in you' so. this will definitely work," she replied to a fan asking how they'd get the bat to leave.

But Ballerini was definitely wrong.

Minutes later, the singer shared a video of Evans, 35, trying to get the animal off of their bedroom curtain before the bat took off and flew around the room. Ballerini let out a squeal.

"It's the fact that I optimistically called this bat cute 10 minutes ago and now he's FLOWN behind the MANTEL [sic] and won't come OUT so I’m sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future for me," she tweeted.

As the two tried to convince the bat to leave, Ballerini decided to put out some water for the flying mammal.


"Kelsea: THIS BAT NEEDS TO LEAVE," a fan wrote, joking about Ballerini's approach to removing the bat. "Also Kelsea: omg this bat is so cute do you want water? Here ya go babe!"

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"Yeah this is me in a nutshell 100%," Ballerini wrote, sharing the post.

One fan suggested she instead keep the bat as a pet. "What are we naming him?" Ballerini joked.

"...still in comBAT," she tweeted a few minutes later.

Ballerini then shared a video of her husband of two years attempting to catch the bat with a pool skimmer net as she watched and giggled from outside their bedroom.

The bat removal (and silly tweets) continued past midnight. "I am CACKLING at your responses oh man," she tweeted. "update- still in the room, bat is tired, we are tired, it's a standoff. WHO WILL BREAK. me. That's who."

The tweets stopped. The bat took over the bedroom. And Evans and Ballerini slept on the couch.

"For those asking, I'm 99% sure the bat flew out overnight whilst it had full ownership of the entire upstairs and we had the couch," she tweeted on Tuesday. "I can't confirm, but it's looking promising."

"Thanks for your concern," she continued. "It looks like we finally won the BATtle."