"That was a real wolf, I wanted to keep things close to my roots," Shania Twain said during her appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show

By Darlene Aderoju
March 13, 2020 04:35 PM

Even though Shania Twain has created a name for herself as the queen of country pop, she’s made some hilarious decisions when it comes to her photo shoots.

On Thursday, the 54-year-old country star visited the The Kelly Clarkson Show and detailed the making of some of her classic music. In one segment, Twain floored Clarkson, 37, and fans alike after revealing that she posed with a real live wolf in the snowy wilderness of Ontario, Canada for the cover of her 1993 self-titled album Shania Twain.

“First of all, a wolf is my favorite animal, so I love what’s happening here,” Clarkson said before assuming that the wolf must have been photoshopped into the cover. “That wasn’t real, right? You weren’t standing next to — .”

“That was a real wolf,” Twain corrected the talk show host. “Yeah, I wanted to keep things close to my roots.”

“Did you know the wolf beforehand?” Clarkson quipped before the audience laughed.

Twain admits that the photo was taken during a different time in her life. “I’m looking at this now and thinking, ‘Yeah, that was kind of brave.”

Shania Twain and Kelly Clarkson
Nicholas Hunt/Getty; Robin Marchant/Getty

That’s when Clarkson pointed out that the star is lucky things didn’t turn out differently. “You could’ve been dinner,” she joked.

Twain offered an explanation: “This was a real wolf. This photo was taken in my hometown of Timmins out in a field and it was probably at least 20 below zero which is really not much, celsius. And my grandmother made my mukluks,” the singer said before expanding on her boots.

When the singer opened up about her most recent album Nowwhich dropped in 2017 — she explained what its release meant to her.

“I needed to something that was really super independent musically and creatively and a song like, “Life's About to Get Good” is all about optimism and looking forward to what’s next,” Twain told Clarkson. “The whole thing was a reminder that I can do this on my own.”

Shania Twain
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For Twain, regaining her independence was a vital step along her journey to healing after her divorce from Robert “Mutt” Lange.

“After divorce, it’s a sever of so many things, you have to find and rediscover your independence so this was an exercise of independence,” Twain said. “It was great therapy. Also, because my ex-husband was my producer and my co-writer it was this huge, ‘Oh my gosh, every element of my life [from] parenting, songwriting, record-making, partnership, all of that — I was now alone in all of that.”

To make matters worse, Twain was battling Lyme disease, which caused her to lose her voice at the time.

“And I’d lost my voice,” she recalled. “I had to start over with my voice. I got Lyme disease at the end of the Up Tour. The vocal cord nerves were damaged, each side, and I had to get an open throat surgery. The cords were fine but the strings, the nerves are just weak. They don’t flow symmetrically which is an absolute nightmare for a singer, so I literally had to start over.”

Since that period when she admits she “didn’t love life,” Twain told Clarkson that she’s found her strength through parenting and regaining her voice.

“I just felt like I had to start from zero on so many levels but the voice has been a real triumph [sic] experience,” Twain said. “Everything has been — love has been — parenting has been an absolute joy, and my career. I’m just living my best life right now.”