See why she was mistaken when she said, "I would think taking off and landing would be the hard part"


Singing isn’t the only thing on Kellie Pickler‘s mind.

In an exclusive clip from Thursday’s I Love Kellie Pickler, the country star and her songwriter husband, Kyle Jacobs, head to Fort Riley in Kansas to play for troops at a USO event. During their visit with the brave men and women, Pickler admits that she has her eyes on flying.

“I always thought it’d be really neat to get a pilot’s license,” says Pickler. “I would think taking off and landing would be the hard part. Once you get up in the air, then you just hit cruise control.”

Despite being encouraged by a service member to pursue her dream, Pickler’s persistence and admiration for flying quickly fade when she becomes overwhelmed by all the buttons that come with an aircraft.

“That’s what I thought the co-pilot was for,” says Pickler, sitting behind the controls of a Black Hawk helicopter. “They can be in charge of knowing what all the buttons do. I just want to steer. I just want to wear the cool suit and the helmets and sit up in the front and look like a bad ass.”

It’s no secret that Pickler, 29, has a need for speed when driving a car, so flying might not be the best method of transportation for the singer.

“This is a lot harder than I thought,” says Pickler. “I guess I do have to know what all the buttons do.”

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