September 11, 2018 05:05 PM
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While Keith Urban’s summer hit “Never Comin Down” was seemingly built for the dance floor, the country star’s dance moves were not.

“I’ve been dancing terribly because I don’t dance,” Urban joked in an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the video shoot. “As soon as I got my guitar I felt way better … I’m like Linus [from Peanuts] with his security blanket. Shout out to the guitar dancers.”

Director Carter Smith chides him, “You didn’t have the rehearsal with Sam, the choreographer, that the rest did — that would have helped!”

Despite his reservations, the Grammy Award winner, 50, showed off his awkward moves throughout his single’s music video, which is set at an underground line-dancing disco party.

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Keith Urban

Urban first opens the video disguised as a driver smiling at a nervous, young man exiting his car and into a bar. As the man makes his way inside, he slowly becomes consumed by the feeling in the room, which includes Urban performing and lots of dancing.

Some of the “Female” singer’s most memorable dance moves include some dramatic hair flips as he plays the electric guitar and goofily standing behind the bar watching everyone dance.

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When creating the visuals for his latest single on his tenth studio album, Graffiti UUrban tells PEOPLE he wanted to capture “the energy and spirit of being at a show — lost in the music, along with everyone else that’s there, whether you know them or not. That’s the feeling that I wanted to capture in the video.”

The song about the magic a couple feels when the sun sets’ includes lyrics like, “When the sun goes down, stars come out / It’s a…. Can you feel it? / When I take you by the hand, dancin’/ And we pass it around, ’round, ’round/ We’re so high, we could paint the sky/ Tear the top right off the ceilin’ / And I swear we’re never ever comin down / Never comin down / Tell me now, can you feel it? / Never ever, never comin down.”

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Despite some silly moves, Urban clearly enjoys being lost in the music.

Urban’s collaborator Smith intentionally used the video to showcase inclusivity on the dance floor.

“In casting, we took the people that were happiest to be themselves — whatever that was. We brought in voguers, break dancers, hip-hop dancers – line dancers – everybody’s dancing together for this one song, on this one night,” the director said.

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