The country star and American Idol judge talks to PEOPLE Country about life with Nicole Kidman and their two kids

By People Staff
November 12, 2013 07:00 PM

It’s a lazy Sunday for most of Springfield, Mo., but not for Keith Urban. Having just bused in from his show in Oklahoma City the night before, the singer is trying to work in both a photo session and his second video shoot in two days before heading to tonight’s show, the 30th stop on his 58-city Light the Fuse tour.

Later in the week, he’s due back in L.A. to continue taping his second season of American Idol, all while promoting his latest album, Fuse.

Still, Urban, 46, can’t help but notice the bright blue October sky and the sunlight spilling across the trees outside. He pauses to share the moment with his wife of seven years, Nicole Kidman, back home in Nashville.

Passing his phone to a friend he says, “It’s just such a beautiful day! Can you take some pictures so I can send them to Nic? I want her to see this.”

The importance of claiming a little sliver of his day for himself and learning to live in the moment is a skill that Urban has sharpened along the way.

“Somewhere in the last couple of years, I’ve really grasped the concept of the brevity of time,” he says. “It’s very, very fleeting. No matter how many years are ahead of us, it will all be gone very quickly. I don’t want to miss any of it.”

Given their busy careers and the challenges of raising daughters Sunday, 5, and Faith, 2½, Urban admits that living in the moment is sometimes easier said than done.

“Nic and I say, ‘Balance is never achieved; it’s just maintained,'” he says. “I’m a guy, so I’m not used to having to maintain anything. I’m used to achieving something, and good, that’s done, move on to the next thing. No, no, this marriage, this family, it’s a garden. It’s not fixed and then you move on; it’s maintained on a daily basis. I finally get that now.”

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