Kane Brown Returns to Hometown to See Project Finished as He Says Daughter Kingsley Is His 'World'

The country singer spoke to PEOPLE on his return to his hometown of Chattanooga for opening day of the newly renovated Boys & Girls Club — the project that kicked off Lowes' 100 impact projects

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Kane Brown came home to see the finished product of a project he holds close to his heart.

On Thursday, Brown returned to his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee, for the opening of the East Lake Boys & Girls Club — a project the country music singer tells PEOPLE is "amazing" to see come together.

"It's amazing just to see it done. It's also really cool that Lowe's started it in my hometown, and I got to do the Boys & Girls Club, which I'm also really close with, so I feel like I'm giving back to them. They still have 99 other projects to go for other communities, and we're just excited that they're going to feel the same way we feel about this one," Brown, 27, tells PEOPLE.

The award-winning musician teamed up with Lowe's in March to launch 100 Hometowns, an initiative to complete 100 impact projects this year as part of a $10 million commitment to give back to the communities the retailer serves.

The "Cool Again" singer — and former Lowe's employee — previously opened up to PEOPLE about why this project hits so close to home.

"I just love helping people in general. Growing up with a rough life, I wish somebody would have just stepped up and helped me," he confessed at the time. "So now with the platform I have, I love that I get to do what I wish somebody would have done for me, and it means the world to me just to be able to put a smile on at least one or two people's faces."

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According to the singer, the renovations included a fresh paint job, new wood floors, new furniture, new computers, a PlayStation, new cabinets and more — which he got to help with!

Brown also opened up to PEOPLE about what it's like to watch his 22-month-old daughter Kingsley Rose, whom he shares with wife Katelyn, grow up and begin to "communicate" with her parents.

"She is amazing. I might just be biased because she's my daughter, but I think she's the perfect baby. She can't even talk yet, but she's just so smart in communicating," says the country star. "She wants to go outside, she'll bring you her shoes and socks and say like, 'Yo, put these on. We're going outside.' And she just can tell you yes or no, even without talking. She's just my world."

The singer also gets a kick out of his daughter's ability to recognize him onscreen.

"Whenever I'm at the house and she's watching me on TV, and she's looking at me and then looking at the TV. She's like, 'How are you here, and how are you there?'" Brown says.

The singer-songwriter has gotten deeper into fitness over the pandemic. Brown tells PEOPLE it's been nice having the support of others to motivate him.

"It takes other people to let you know that they're seeing some progress, and that's what motivates you even more," Brown says.

Meanwhile, the singer says that when his wife compliments him on his progress, it "makes him feel good."

Though the couple doesn't hit the gym together, since Katelyn stays home to watch Kingsley, the singer did share he sometimes comes home and does some at-home workouts with his wife.

"I'll come home and I have bands that I brought from boxing classes, and I try and do our warm ups with her. She definitely said that she's been feeling it, but she tries to ride the Peloton as much as she can, as well," says Brown.

As the singer preps for his Blessed and Free tour, he says being away from his family won't be difficult, considering he'll see them often — regardless of being on the road.

"Luckily they're usually with me all of the time. I know they're going to come out the first week, and then the second week they'll stay home," Brown says. "But she's usually with me, most of the time. And if not, then we're usually FaceTiming."

The "Memory" singer says he is very excited to get back on tour, play his new music and "feel the energy that we feel as an artist again."

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