Kane Brown Is Engaged to Katelyn Jae

The "Thunder in the Rain" singer revealed the big news during a show in Philadelphia

Photo: Kane Brown/Instagram

Kane Brown is engaged!

The “Thunder in the Rain” singer announced the big news during a show in Philadelphia on April 18, and a Twitter user shared the sweet reveal on social media.

“It’s hard to do this job — you know, there’s girls involved — you’ve got to stay out of trouble, it’s really hard,” Brown, 23, said in the video.

“Some people found out on Instagram today and I had to delete this video,” he continued. “I just got engaged to a girl from Philadelphia two days ago. This is my first time making this announcement, but we’re in Philly, so I thought I had to go ahead and make the announcement, so thank you Philadelphia.”

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In January, Brown opened up about about his fiancée, singer Katelyn Jae, in a note posted across his social media accounts.

“I know a lot has been going good for me this past year, but being away from my family and friends it’s been tough,” he wrote. “Luckily I found my other half. I know a lot of people might get mad I’m in a relationship but if you’re a true fan you won’t. She keeps me sane, she keeps me happy she’s my girl. ❤️ God Bless.”

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