Kacey Musgraves initially tried to laugh off the "shoey" request with cries of "No way," and went on to call it "disgusting"
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Kacey Musgraves put her foot down when a crowd tried to make her do a shot out of a stranger’s shoe.

The Golden Hour singer was performing a concert at Sydney’s Enmore Theater on Sunday when a member of the audience suggested that she do a “shoey” — a local custom where the participant drinks out of someone else’s — presumably foul-smelling — footwear. According to reports, a chant soon began urging her to take the “shoey,” and one helpful member of the crowd even presented their own cowboy boot for the deed.

Musgraves initially tried to laugh off the request with cries of “No way,” calling it “disgusting.” The audience then gave her the option of using a shoe from a band member of her choice.

Kacey Musgraves
Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty

Finally Musgraves, perhaps remembering that she has won multiple Grammys and could therefore demand a regular drinking vessel, shut it down. “That’s disgusting,” she said. “I’m not f—ing drinking out of your shoe. You could have athlete’s foot or something.”

The 30-year-old was correct to be concerned. Common sense aside, a study conducted by Western Sydney University’s (WSU) School of Medicine Gastroenterology Laboratory revealed that doing a “shoey” can result in a staph infection.

Some Australian fans were embarrassed that the crowd tried to pressure the Musgraves into the ritual. Many vented their displeasure on Twitter. “I can’t believe we, as an audience, almost bullied @KaceyMusgraves into doing a shoey on stage tonight,” wrote one. “Oh what a world, indeed.”

However, one fellow superstar was happy to take a swig out of a shoe. Post Malone gamely took his “shoey” during a Brisbane concert in January 2018.

The historic moment in American-Aussie relations was immortalized with a massive mural in Melbourne.