Josh Turner and Wife Jennifer Recreate the 'Your Man' Video — Giving Fans a Look at Their Current Love Story

While the new video follows the basic storyline of the original, there were some additions, including a scene in which Turner and his wife FaceTime their children at home

For a moment, Josh Turner's house was completely quiet … and it was driving the country music star crazy.

"I could hardly handle it," Turner tells PEOPLE with a slight laugh. "The children had left for camp in Virginia, and I literally started having to make a schedule for myself to figure out things to do. I know how loud it can be in my house. But after this, after these past four days, I'm not complaining anymore."

Certainly, the life Turner lives today is far different than the one he was living as he was working his way up the country music ladder. But now, with his wife Jennifer by his side and their four sons under their collective feet, it's a life he finds himself celebrating more than ever before.

And it's this fact that the multi-platinum-selling country star finds himself recollecting on with not only the recent release of a special deluxe edition of the iconic album Your Man, but also a brand-new version of the crazy romantic music video for the triple-platinum-selling title track, exclusively premiering on PEOPLE.

"I don't think anybody has done this, where the same people go back and recreate the video from 15 years prior, in the same location," Turner says of the video that reunites him with wife Jennifer yet again in the starring roles. "When I saw the first edit, I just sat there, and I was speechless. I was thinking, this is kind of crazy looking. Once you think you've done it all, you haven't."

josh turner
Jennifer and Josh Turner. Josh Turner YouTube

Of course, while the new video follows the basic storyline of the original, there were some additions, including a scene in which Turner and his wife FaceTime their children at home following a romantic night on the town.

"Obviously being 15 years later, we are with children and life has changed for us," Turner says. "A lot has happened. And so, it was cool, you know, not just on a professional level, but a personal level to look back and appreciate that kind of stuff."

Indeed, Turner is the first to admit that things haven't always been easy.

"We've had a lot of challenges and hurdles that we had to overcome, but we've just continued to do what God's called us to do," explains Turner. "Our God never promises that it will be easy. So, we just keep pressing forward and taking it one day at a time."

josh turner
Josh Turner. David McClister

The South Carolina native broke out of the country music gate back in 2003 with his breakout single "Long Black Train," and followed it up with a slew of hits such as "Why Don't We Just Dance," "Time is Love" and "Hometown Girl." But no matter how far his star rose, Turner was committed to keeping his priorities in order throughout his entire career.

"Jennifer raised our three oldest boys on the road," Turner states. "That would've never happened if we had listened to certain people, because they fought that kicking and screaming. They did not want my wife on the road and I'm like, 'Screw you. I'm doing it anyway.' We would not have had a lot of the memories and a lot of the joy that we had if we had listened to some of those people."

Listening to his gut now comes naturally for Turner, both personally and professionally. The Your Man Deluxe Edition features all 11 original tracks including collaborations with country icons John Anderson, Dr. Ralph Stanley, and Diamond Rio's Marty Roe, Gene Johnson, and Dana Williams, plus live versions of "Your Man," "Me and God," and the multi-week chart topper "Would You Go with Me."

"Every time I go to the studio or go try to shoot a video or do a photo shoot or whatever it is, I go in with the mindset that I want this to be the best that it possibly can be," says Turner. "Because once you do it, it's done. And you're going to have to live with it."

josh turner
Josh Turner. UMG Nashville

It's a lesson that he and Jennifer now shares with their sons Hampton, Colby, Marion, and Hawke.

"Jennifer and I try to raise them in the right way, to prepare them for this crazy world we're living in," he concludes. "You're going to get pushed back and you're going to get negative comments here and there, but that's the world. Now, everybody has a voice, but you can't please everybody."

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