The crooner tells PEOPLE how a tiff "very early on in our marriage" inspired his new single and music video

By Danielle Anderson
Updated March 19, 2016 12:00 AM
Credit: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock

For Josh Kelley, the first single from his first album in five years doesn’t get much more personal.

The inspiration behind “It’s Your Move” – from New Lane Road, due April 22 – is his wife, actress Katherine Heigl.

“That song was born out of a very big fight that me and my wife got in very early on in our marriage,” Kelley, 36, tells PEOPLE. “It was one of those fights where you have a choice whether you’re going to stay in that story or not.”

He adds: “Obviously we love each other and we decided to stay in the story, but I just remember saying the words, ‘It’s your move,’ and then having to take a break from the fight for a second to write that idea down!”

Heigl’s intimate connection to the song meant it was only fitting that Kelley have her not just star in the video, but also direct it.

“She wasn’t just my boss in this video, she’s the boss in general to me,” says Kelley. “She’s the boss. She tells me to jump, I jump.”

The clip also provided a chance for Heigl, 37, to show her husband firsthand how passionate she is onscreen. “Watch the video and look how hard she shoves me in slow motion,” he says. “I was like, ‘Good God honey! Jesus!'”

And it seems Heigl wasted no time channeling her inner Hollywood director.

After finding out she got the gig, she turned to Kelley and said, “Okay, I’m going to need you to lose 10 lbs.,” he explains.

But the crooner confirms the couple’s “total health kick” was for the best. “I needed the challenge,” Kelley, who has lost 13 lbs.

And when it comes to giving a personal look at their marriage, Kelley says he had no hesitation.

“I think maybe the honesty is necessary,” he says. “We’re normal, just like everybody. We do the exact same stuff. You got to go through these things, too. Passion is good for the marriage. If we didn’t fight, I don’t know, man, that sounds really boring to me.”

He continues: “Also, the song, it’s our moment. It would have been weird to have somebody else in there besides her and me.”