Jordana Bryant, 15, Drops 'Magical' Music Video to Title Track of Debut EP 'Last First'

Jordana Bryant tells PEOPLE that the music video "captures the energy" of her title track, "Last First"

Jordana Bryant is making her mark on the music industry.

The 15-year-old singer, who has racked up millions of YouTube views thanks to her dazzling cover videos, has released the music video to the title track of her debut EP, Last First — and PEOPLE has the exclusive first look.

The "Last First" music video, which dropped Friday alongside the full EP, takes on a country theme as Bryant jams out on the guitar to match her impeccable vocals.

The meaning behind the title track and accompanying video, as Bryant tells PEOPLE, captures "the joy and anticipation" of the teenage star on her journey to find "The One."

"The track is very upbeat — to reflect the feelings that come when you're thinking about being in love and anticipating a forever future," says Bryant. "'Last First' completes the love story trilogy that started out in 'This Love' and grew in 'Not Sayin'.' This love story trilogy is a big part of my first EP. I love the double meaning, as this EP will always be my "last first" EP."

Jordana Bryant
Jordana Bryant. Ryan Hamblin/BrainStem Photography

Bryant says that she created the "Last First" video with a goal of similarly capturing the "magical feel" that the title track conveys.

"Especially because I wrote this song as the 'finale' for the love story in 'This Love' and 'Not Sayin,' I wanted to bring in parts of those two videos to tie together the love story and make the video really big and high energy," she says. "Creating a dance scene with a bunch of other people felt like the perfect way to end the video since it really captures the energy of the song."

Last First is out now.

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