How Jonah Prill Went From Montana Landscaper to Country-Singing TikToker as Singer Premieres Video

"This new career of mine is so much fun and fulfilling and it's definitely a dream to be chasing all of this," Prill tells PEOPLE

Montana native Jonah Prill doesn't always wear a long sleeve, buttoned-down shirt when he rides his horses. But when he does, it probably means he's got a music rehearsal right after.

"We ended up needing to get just one more shot, so that's why I was wearing the dang buttoned-down shirt," Prill, 24, tells PEOPLE with a laugh. "It was just easier to keep it on."

But soon, that dang shirt got a little dirtied up.

"You could tell the horse was getting a little annoyed during the video shoot," says Prill. "They wanted some action shots and we had gotten some good speed. And then out of nowhere, the horse started bucking. We were going like 15 miles an hour and I'm trying to hang on and I hit the dirt eventually, but it was cool. We got it all on camera."

And all the action was captured in the music video for "Cowboy $hit," which premieres with PEOPLE.

The music video moment captured two different parts of his life: his life as a Montana rancher and his in-front-of-the-camera virality on social media. For Prill, the country lifestyle he sings about in his music is completely authentic.

Jonah Prill

But then, there also is the life of the aspiring country music star, who spent much of his childhood dreaming of a day when he could take his shot at country music stardom, much like his grandfather once did.

"His name was Dean Evans, and he was a country artist back in the day before he came to Montana to be a cowboy," Prill says. "He had a song called 'Lottin Dottin' that people seemed to like."

As a kid, Prill knew his chances were slim of making it big and he dreamt of singing with the likes of George Strait and Alan Jackson. But that dream started to become a lot more plausible when he started a TikTok account, where he now has more than 822,000 followers and 11.5 million likes on his TikTok account alone.

"It's sort of like…this is where I'm from and these my roots and this is a crazy wild idea that I have to become a country music superstar, but I'm going for it," says Prill, who just last year was still working fulltime at a local landscaping company. "It was a tough decision to quit the landscaping job. I liked working there. I liked the hard work and the labor aspect, but this new career of mine is so much fun and fulfilling and it's definitely a dream to be chasing all of this."

Jonah Prill

Of course, the latest chapter in this somewhat inspiring chase is Prill's new music video for his single "Cowboy $hit."

"We actually filmed it right when all the wildfires in the west were kind of at their peak," Prill says of the video, which was filmed on his drummer's family ranch back in August and included many of Prill's closest friends. "So, the smoke was just insane, but it kind of allowed for some neat shots. Like, when we were playing beer pong, it looks like a super cloudy day, but that's just smoke. It was just crazy."

And no, Prill admits it probably wasn't a good idea to light a fire.

"We have the little campfire, but at one point we had that fire raging, and we were in the middle of a fire ban, so we knew we had to get it calmed down," Prill says with a laugh. "So, we dumped all the beer cans and all the drinks we had out of our coolers and ran down to the rivers and filled the coolers with water and just threw it on this huge Inferno we had going."

He adds, "Everything was okay though. I promise."

"Cowboy $hit" is out now.

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