'I Don't Think I Will Ever See Her Again': Joey Feek Tears Up While Saying Goodbye to Best Friend

"Like an angel from heaven, it was as if God sent Julie to us. To her."

Photo: Courtesy Rory Feek

Country star Joey Feek may be fighting terminal cervical cancer, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to say goodbye to those she loves.

That includes her best friend, Julie, who had been visiting with the Feeks this week and was supposed to fly out Saturday night. But the thought of her departure left Feek “inconsolable,” husband Rory Feek wrote in a new blog post published Saturday.

“Julie has been here for a week and was supposed to leave this evening and fly back home to Oregon where she and her husband Joe live,” Rory wrote. “But this morning as I sat beside my wife, and Julie started packing her things… Joey’s tears began to fall. She was inconsolable.

“I put my arms around her and asked what was wrong,” Rory continued. “As her lips quivered and she tried to catch her breath, the tears streamed her cheeks and Joey said, ‘I don’t think I will ever see her again.’ ”

And so Julie stayed with the Feeks – and in his new post, Rory paid tribute to someone who has come to mean so much to his family.

Julie started out as a fan “about seven or eight years ago” and then became a true friend.

“Julie has been at pretty much every home Farmhouse Concert that we’ve played and she is the one who mails out our newsletters and Christmas cards and has not only worked hard on behalf… she’s also loves us deeply,” Rory wrote. “Especially Joey.”

“Like an angel from heaven, it was as if God sent Julie to us. To her.”

Rory wrote, “She cooks, she cleans, changes the baby’s diaper, and does any and everything else that she can find to do that needs to be done while we’re living here out of suitcases.

“… not waiting for someone we love to die. But helping the woman we all love to live.”

Rory ended his post with a reference to its title, an affectionate nickname for Julie, bestowed by Joey’s father: “Saint Jules.”

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