To Joey, With Love, which opens Sept. 20, chronicles the star's life from the 2014 birth of her daughter up to her tragic passing

By Danielle Anderson
Updated June 16, 2016 06:55 PM
Courtesy Rory and Joey Feek

Joey Feek‘s life and battle with cancer will soon hit the big screen.

In addition to his blog posts that went viral documenting his wife’s illness, Rory Feek had also been documenting Joey’s journey on video. The result is the documentary To Joey, With Love, in theaters for one night only on Sept. 20.

Rory, who marked what would have been his 14th wedding anniversary to Joey on Wednesday, calls the film “my gift to her.” The story begins a few weeks before their daughter Indiana was born in February of 2014 and runs through this past spring. Joey lost her battle with cancer on March 4, she was just 40 years old.

“Most people know Joey and I for the five months we spent in Indiana – the beautiful, terrible days and weeks last fall and winter that we intimately shared through my blog posts,” Rory wrote on his blog This Life I Live. “They got to see Joey die. To see her face death bravely and pass to the other side with honor.

“But I’d like for people to have the chance to see my wife live. To see the incredible woman that she was before the doctors said there was nothing more they could do … so they can better understand the amazing impact she’s had on me and everyone around her after she learned that the end was coming.”

Rory continued: “Joey didn’t live to see her 41st birthday, but this September, just a week or so after her birthday on the 9th … my wife will get the chance to live again. On a movie screen, her heart will start beating and her story will come to life once more and it will be my gift to her. And to our girls. And to our friends and family and all who loved her.”