Joey Feek, 40, died March 4 after a long battle with cancer

Credit: This Life I Live

One week after his wife Joey Feek died after a long battle with terminal cancer, Rory Feek blogged about her recent funeral in a late Saturday post, saying that it had honored her “one last hope.”

“Joey s one hope was that she could ‘come home’ on a beautiful day and it oh, it was,” the country singer wrote on his blog, This Life I Live. “The daffodils were blooming, the grass was green and sky was bright blue.”

Joey was laid to rest on Tuesday at the Feeks’ farm in Tennessee in front of a group of family and friends.

“Eight angelic voices led a procession singing ‘Down By The River To Pray’ all the way out to the family plot,” Rory wrote of the day. “And a team of mules carried Joey s simple wooden box in an 1800’s wagon with six of Joey s favorite ‘cowboys’ by her side.”

“At the gravesite, Mike Glenn – our pastor in Tennessee, spoke of the better place that Joey s in and also of the better place that the world is because Joey was in it,” Rory continued. “And he told us how we can all have a service like hers when it comes our time to go, with just as many people loving us as loved Joey. All we have to do he said is live like she did.”

“It was tearful, but it was optimistic, especially being on the dirt,” the couple’s close friend Bill Gaither told PEOPLE earlier this week about the funeral. “She was part of the earth. We all felt as though we were close to her.”


After the guests had left Rory wrote that he and the couple’s 2-year-old daughter Indiana returned to Joey’s gravesite for one last moment with her.

“And then we took a deep breath and did what Joey would want us to do,” he wrote. “We remembered that she s still with us. She ‘ll always be with us. In our hearts. Forever.”