Go Behind the Scenes of Joe Nichols's 'Yeah' Music Video

The singer leads the 'Yes Man' brigade in his comic-book-inspired video for 'Yeah'

Photo: Jerod Harris/ACMA2014/Getty

If his sweetly rugged hunkiness wasn’t enough, Joe Nichols‘s latest video for his new single “Yeah” is certain to attract more female admirers with its “the lady is always right” theme.

In it, a young man fuels an early flirtation at a tailgate party and quickly gets on his brunette date’s good side by answering “yeah” to nearly everything she suggests. From a shot, tossed back with a smile, to a fruity drink that is not his style, to a musical choice on her iPod that he secretly calls “kinda hippy.”

“Whatever you’re drinking/that’s what I’m drinking/girl you’re calling the shots tonight,” Nichols, 37, sings as the video’s courtship storyline evolves in comic book-form, with pages and thought bubbles chronicling each scene.

As the night progresses, the guy in the video gallantly asks his contented date if it’s getting too late. Happily for him, his evening of saying “yes” to please her earns a “no” as she tells him she isn’t ready for it to end. At that moment, Nichols turns up his own heat, looking dead on at the camera with a devilish eyebrow bounce that offers his sweet video some wicked charm.

Directed by Wes Edwards, who helmed Dierks Bentley’s pilot adventure, “Drunk on the Plane,” “Yeah” marks the second single from Nichols’s latest record, Crickets, following in the wake of his No. 1 hit “Sunny and 75.”

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