"It was so funny because the joke was on me. I was like 'Oh, this works!'"

By Nicole Sands
August 31, 2017 04:30 PM
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Joe Nichols cannot lie — his accidental collaboration with Sir Mix-a-Lot was genius!

The country singer, 40, sat down with PEOPLE Now to discuss his newest album Never Gets Old when he revealed he was hooked on his country version of the rapper’s classic hit “Baby Got Back” after attempting to prank his band.

“One day I was playing acoustic on stage in the middle of a festival and my band was kind of hanging back. I thought I’d play a joke on them and just crank off into something ridiculous, and first thing to come to my mind was, ‘I like big butts and I cannot lie.’ The band jumped in and started [playing].”

Nichols adds, “It was so funny because the joke was on me. I was like ‘Oh, this works,’ and the crowd was very responsive to it.”

You know who else loved it? Sir Mix-a-Lot, himself — and so much that he agreed to come star in the rendition’s music video.

“He was fantastic,” said Nichols. “He’s such a funny guy, very smart guy. He shared a lot about business and the marketing and branding of that song.”

He continued, “He was very complimentary of me — I was very flattered by that — but he was very open to doing whatever it took to make the video fun. He took to the idea very well.”

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And just like the fans, Nichols is “hoping” for another collaboration in the future.

“It seems like the guy knows what he’s doing and I’m just kind of barring on his success a little bit,” Nichols said with a big smile crossing his face.

Nichols’ newest album Never Gets Old is available now.