Jennifer Nettles on Being Sexy at 41: 'Soon My Neck Is Going to Be Hanging Where the Cleavage Should Be!'

"I've gotten very aware of my age and where I am in my life," she tells Redbook

Photo: Mei Tao

Jennifer Nettles just released her second solo album, Playing with Fire, since the Sugarland split and as the title suggests, she doesn’t mind taking a risk.

“The two questions I always ask myself are ‘What if’ and ‘Why not?’ ” Nettles tells Redbook of facing critics with her new project. “Putting myself out there knowing I can be criticized – it’s ironic, but to me that’s the most empowering thing.”

Also empowering for the singer is her ability to own her age – 41 – and all the sexiness that she feels with it.

“I feel inspired and fearless,” Nettles tells the magazine in their June issue. “I’m also no spring chicken. I’ve gotten very aware of my age and where I am in my life … Sometimes when I’m all dressed up, with a bunch of makeup and wearing some sexy outfit – that maybe I shouldn’t be wearing at 41 – I say, ‘I’m doing this now because soon my neck is going to be hanging where the cleavage should be!’ ”

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Future turkey neck aside, there’s at least one part of growing older that Nettles is full-on embracing – growing wiser. She also credits being a mom to 3-year-old son Magnus, with helping her become more self aware.

“I’ve learned how my own perfectionism can cripple me,” says the new 4-H spokeswoman. “I’ve learned how sleep deprivation is the first line of torture and how you’ll do or tell your kid anything to get him to sleep.”

She continues: “One thing I know for sure – this motherhood thing is not for sissies.”

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