Why Jason Aldean Is 'Hooked' on the Kardashians: 'I Know More Than I Ever Cared to About Them'

Plus, the singer and his wife reveal what they don't see eye-to-eye on and how they work around it

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You’re about to get to know Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany just a little bit better.

The couple gave fans a glimpse into their lives when they hosted a Q&A session on video and shared it to Brittany’s Instagram on Monday.

So what’s something they know about each other that nobody else knows?

“Jason doesn’t like to go barefoot ever,” says Brittany, 28, in the clip. “He could be going from the bed to the bathroom and has to put flip flops on or tennis shoes or something – like in the house!”

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“I just don’t like dirt on the bottom of my feet,” responds Jason, 39.

The pair also revealed that in addition to 48 Hours Mystery and Dateline or “anything with murders,” jokes Brittany, Jason has developed an affection for America’s first family of reality television.

“One of our favorite things to do on days off is binge watch Kardashians, one of her favorites,” says Jason. “Now I know more than I ever cared to about all of them.”

“Don’t let him fool you! Hold on! ” says Brittany. “He likes it!”

“Well now I’m hooked,” admits Jason.

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One thing they don’t agree on though is Jason’s passion for hunting, but say they’ve arrived at a compromise on that.

“She’s an animal lover,” says Jason. “So obviously I hunt, have a hunting show, so we just kind of came to an agreement: I don’t hunt at our house.”

“It kills him because there’s like a million deer and a million turkeys and he can’t do anything,” adds Brittany.

Says Jason: “I try not to show up at home with any dead things in the back of the truck.”

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