Jana Kramer Talks 'Rocky Road' to Another Baby — and Why She Has Mom Guilt 'All the Time'

"I'm really going to be an open book with it, talking about personal life," Jana Kramer tells PEOPLE exclusively about her mommy-focused podcast

Jana Kramer has many new ventures on her horizon from music to acting and a podcast, as well as in her personal life with the hopes of one day becoming a new mom again.

As the multi-hyphenate star gears up for the premiere of her iHeartRadio podcast Whine Down with Jana Kramer, she tells PEOPLE that she’ll be opening up about her life on everything, good and bad.

“I definitely want to expand the family. It’s just in God’s timing. [I] had kind of a rocky road with that,” Kramer says, alluding to her miscarriage this past December. The country singer revealed the heartbreaking news on Instagram when she shared a tearful picture of herself holding an ultrasound photo.

After the difficult experience, Kramer, 34, hopes her podcast can help other women cope with miscarriages, as well as many other struggles of motherhood.

“I’m really going to be an open book with it, talking about personal life. Talking about hot topics in the news and just being an open canvas for things,” she explains.

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Jana KramerCredit: iHeartRadio

Jana Kramer

“I want to bring in my close friends but also people that I look up to as well. When moms help each other out, that’s when we all thrive and women in general,” says Kramer, whose dream guest “would be a Kardashian mom.”

Amid a busy work schedule, Kramer is relishing her time with 2-year-old Jolie Rae, whom her mother describes as “a firecracker.”

“One second she’s bossing me around left and right and then the next thing she’s like a sweet little snuggle bug,” the mother of one shares of her daughter. “And between motherhood, I’ve got music and auditions and living in Los Angeles. It’s been a whirlwind.”

Jana KramerCredit: iHeartRadio

Jana Kramer

But with work commitments comes time away from her daughter. “I have mom guilt all the time. That’s been something really difficult for me because Jolie has gone on the road with me since she was 6 weeks old so she hasn’t been without me,” Kramer reveals.

“It’s definitely tough but it’s, ‘No, Mommy has to go.’ I’m still trying to find my identity with being a mom but also wanting a career and doing the things I need to do for me and for her,” she says. “It’s tough. I constantly deal with the mom shame.”

In addition to publicly sharing her miscarriage, Kramer has also been open about her dynamic with husband Mike Caussin. The couple, who renewed their vows in December, has been redefining their complicated relationship since Caussin was reportedly unfaithful and entered treatment at a rehabilitation facility.

“My whole life has been an open book and it’s one of those things where it’s like, this is the life that I’ve chosen and everything is public, especially the relationship. So [I] might as well help people through their journeys,” Kramer says about sharing her life with fans.

Jana Kramer/Instagram

Jana Kramer and daughter Jolie

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Most recently, Kramer poured out her relationship struggles in the personal ballad she released in April, titled “Dammit.”

“I remember I listened to this song when my relationship was kind of in shambles and it was just like, ‘Ugh, we were so close to having that perfect fairy tale,’ ” she says, adding of the lyrics, “It’s not bitter, it’s just, ‘Dammit, I wish this could’ve come to fruition.’ ”

“I love ballads. If I could write a whole album with just sad songs it would make me so happy. I don’t know why they make me happier, the sad songs,” Kramer jokingly adds.

The first episode of Whine Down with Jana Kramer airs Monday.

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