Jamie O'Neal and Lauren Alaina Premiere Remake of 'Iconic Country Song' 'There Is No Arizona'

The reimagined track featuring Alaina celebrates the 20th anniversary of the song's original release in 2000

Country past, meet country present!

Jamie O'Neal and Lauren Alaina are teaming for "There Is No Arizona 2.0" — a remake of O'Neal's iconic song 20 years after its original release — and PEOPLE can exclusively premiere it!

The two country stars performed the track at ACM Lifting Lives: Decades last year and O'Neal chose Alaina to join her in a rendition to be featured on her album Sometimes, which drops Oct. 16.

"I have loved Lauren’s voice since she was on Idol and when I was asked to do the ACMs last year for their pre-show where they paired newer artists with past ACM winners, I immediately thought 'I want Lauren Alaina!'" the 54-year-old country star tells PEOPLE exclusively. "Once I sang it with her...bingo! I just had to record it with her this year for the 20th anniversary of the song. Man, that girl can saaang!"

For Alaina, recording the track alongside the "Somebody's Hero" singer was a dream come true.

lauren alaina +jamie o'neal
Jamie O'Neal and Lauren Alaina. Trisha McClanahan

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"I was amazed at how well our voices worked together," Alaina, 25, says about their performance last year. "She is an amazing singer and it was fun to harmonize with someone like that."

"When she asked me to sing on a new version of the song with her, I jumped at the chance," she continues. "I’m so proud to be a part of such an iconic country song."

The new rendition of the track features a vocal-driven, more anthemic sound compared to the 2000 original.

"We decided to let the vocals be the main point of the song and with all that riffing going on, there was no room for harmonica, so we left that out," O'Neal continues. "We also added the high harmony and traded out singing that, plus a new drum loop and atmospheric sounds to change it up. Everyone had heard the old version, so I think it’s cool to try something new."

O'Neal also reflects on the time she released the track, which she says is "so different" from the songs being released then.

"It changed my life," she says. "I think because it mentions an actual state in descriptive ways, it’s unique and a lot of folks were like 'Oh, you’re the girl who sings that Arizona song.'"

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"The idea came from a Stephen King movie which is also a cool story to tell," she adds. "Stephen King inspired my first number one song!"

Alaina's isn't the only duet featured on O'Neal's new album. She sings remakes of her iconic songs alongside Martina McBride on "When I Think About Angels," Sara Evans on "Trying To Find Atlantis" and her own daughter Aliyah Good on "Somebody's Hero."

O'Neal's daughter Aliyah actually appeared in the original music video for the song when she was two years old.

"Having her in the original video at 2 and then singing it with me 15 years later gives the song a whole new very special meaning for me," she says. "I had toured with Sara Evans and Martina McBride in 2001 and beyond, here and there, and we’ve remained friends. I love those girls and their incredible voices."

lauren alaina +jamie o'neal
Jamie O'Neal and Lauren Alaina. Trisha McClanahan

O'Neal also duets with John Paul White on "Someone's Sometimes."

This is O'Neal's first album since releasing Eternal in 2014.

>"It feels fantastic to finally get new music out to the fans and industry!" she says. "I’ve been busy working with other artists, touring, plus raising my teenage daughter. But with her being 17, she doesn’t need me as much. The one silver lining about 2020 has been being able to completely immerse myself in the creative and musical space to record this project."

O'Neal and Alaina's "There Is No Arizona 2.0" drops tomorrow.

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