The singer hit the road without a plan for his latest video

Not many guys could drive a 1966 seafoam green Volkswagen Microbus, dubbed “Jake’s Love Bus,” and still look cool. And yet, Jake Owen pulls it off.

In the video for Owen’s new tune “American Country Love Song,” he hopped in an iconic vintage bus and went on a road trip from Nashville to Key West.

“The song is about feeling young and free,” Owen tells PEOPLE. “I’ve done videos before where there’s a bunch of people standing around putting make-up on me and I don’t think of that as being free. I wanted the all-American road trip.”

The new video concept: Drive, have fun and take it all in. “I thought why don’t I just get in a van with the director and take some good friends and hit the road and see what happens?” says Owen.

“I’ve gone through a lot in the last couple years,” says Owen, 34. “And it was nice to just literally drive 55 miles an hour in the right-hand lane, which was as fast as we could go, not be in a hurry, and along the way see what happens… Stop places, play music, eat some good food and talk to people.”

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And for the record, the bus’ nickname doesn’t mean what you think it means.

“I named it ‘Jake’s Love Bus’ because we were going to be bringing love around to everybody we meet,” says Owen. “And making people happy wherever we were going.”

In fact, the Love Bus is such a hit, he plans to keep it around.

“It fits perfectly in the trailer behind my tour bus, so everywhere we go this year on tour we’re taking it with us,” says Owen. “And I told my little girl [Pearl] it’s going to be hers when she gets to be 16.”