April 16, 2015 05:30 PM

Jake Owen recently played Rock the Ocean s Tortuga Music Festival, and if there’s one place in the world that’s perfect for him to play, it’s definitely Tortuga. Why? It’s on the beach and it’s in Florida – two of his very favorite things.

And, oh yeah, and the record-breaking 75,000 fans that showed up for the two-day party in the sand helped too!

The “Beachin'” singer makes no secret of his love for the ocean and often talks about his appreciation for having been raised in his little sandy town of Vero Beach, Florida.

“It will always be home for me,” Owen told PEOPLE. “It’s where all my coastal-living ways and beach ideas come from because that’s how I grew up. I literally grew up on the beach every day. I just like my feet in the sand.”

We caught up with Owen at Tortuga and asked him to share some of his best beach memories with us. Hear all about them in the clip above.

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