Hannah Brown returned to The Bachelor on Monday to have an emotional talk with her ex, Peter Weber


Country singer Jake Owen is jokingly responding to Hannah Brown‘s surprising return on The Bachelor.

On Thursday night, Owen went live on social media to share his newest song, which was inspired by Brown’s emotional talk with her ex, Peter Weber, on the premiere of his season of The Bachelor earlier this week. Brown, 25, previously dated Weber, 28, on her season of The Bachelorette.

“Monday night, my girlfriend had the damn TV on and all you heard about on the new Bachelor was Alabama Hannah, it was just Alabama Hannah everywhere,” the musician, 38, explained. “She won’t go away.”

Owen added: “Believe it or not, I met her on the last season of The Bachelorette, I played ‘Made For You’ for them in I think it was like Rhode Island or something. She’s a cool girl. This is not even a dig at the actual Alabama Hannah.”

The country star explained that he started “feeling” for Weber, saying that anyone could relate to the feeling of giving “somebody multiple opportunities to take you as a lover” and being rejected.

“This has nothing to do with the actual Bachelorette. This is just everyday life,” Owen said.

Jake Owen; Hannah Brown
Jake Owen; Hannah Brown
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In the song, Owen croons lyrics seemingly from the point of view of Weber on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor.

“Alabama Hannah, what do you want? / If it’s love that you need, well then honey, it’s gone,” the song begins. “You had your chances, so won’t you leave me alone. / Alabama Hannah, won’t you go on back home.”

“I been out here in California, I’ve been soaking up the sun / There’s lots of pretty ladies, and I can’t pick just one,” Owen sings. “I’m flying high, I got peace of mind, I already raised the bar / Now you’re showing up here tonight, who do you think you are?”

In the chorus, Owen references Brown’s pageant past and her recent win on Dancing with the Stars, singing, “You’re a beauty queen and a dancing star and I think you’ll do just fine.”

“Well I guess you think you messed up since you seen me moving on / Thinking we could pick up, right where we left off,” the song continues. “But you got to lay in the bed you made, and I hate to let you down / Girl this ain’t no windmill, we can’t go round and round.”

After he finished the catchy tune, Owen clarified: “I love Hannah Brown, she’s awesome. So it’s no diss on her.”

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber
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Brown didn’t appear to be offended by the track, writing in a tweet on Thursday night, “Well, this is one way to get a song written about you. This is some catchy shade @jakeowen.”

On her Instagram Story, the former Bachelorette continued to praise the song, saying in a clip, “It’s hilarious and even though it’s like a diss at me the whole time, I was tapping my foot along to it and laughing. You need to check it out!”

“Jake, let me know when you need me for the music video,” she joked.

Hannah Brown Instagram
Credit: Hannah Brown Instagram

During the premiere of The Bachelor this week, Brown made a surprise appearance, stepping out of the limo on night one to return the pilot wings that Weber had gifted her on her season. The television star also returned to host Weber’s first group date.

During the group date, the two divulged into a tear-ridden conversation about Brown’s decisions on her season. (She accepted a marriage proposal from her final pick Jed Wyatt, but ended up calling off the engagement after learning that he allegedly had a girlfriend when he went on the show. Tyler Cameron came in second, and Weber third.)

“I can’t help how my heart feels,” Weber said in the episode. “I look at her, and I just don’t want to stop looking at her, and I want to just kiss her and just … have had all this work out. And it didn’t, and I know it didn’t. I feel like such a jerk because I have such an awesome group of girls here, expecting to meet someone that was truly ready to have this work for them as well.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.