"I love songwriting and not fitting in. It's kind of where I live. And I think that that's okay," Andress — who'll star in short film A Lady Like That out May 14 on Amazon Music — tells PEOPLE

She's A Lady Like That!

Get ready to see Ingrid Andress' journey to the Grammys on a small screen near you. PEOPLE can exclusively announce that A Lady Like That, a short film about Andress' rapid ascent in country music, will premiere on May 14 — and the singer spoke to PEOPLE about it!

"The film just explains where I'm coming from as far as being a woman in country music and a new artist," the 29-year-old says of the film, directed by Lauren Dunn. "I think country is going through an interesting time right now as far as figuring out what it is."

"In Nashville, there is this certain country path you take, which is like playing honky-tonk bars and singing about certain things. And for me, it started a little differently," she adds. "It took me a while to really realize that I was an artist because what I was doing was so different. And I didn't think that it would have a place anywhere and then I decided to go for it."

Ingrid Andress
Ingrid Andress
| Credit: Courtesy Amazon Music

The short film, which is set to air on both Amazon Music's YouTube channel and mobile app, will feature never-before-seen home video footage, interviews and behind-the-scenes moments, including the moment she found out she was nominated for three Grammys.

Andress says she hopes that viewers can learn that she's always going to be herself, unapologetically.

"I'm just being my authentic self and want to connect with people that way," she says. "I'm never going to fit into a box just to fit in. I will always want to be my authentic self and connect to people through real stories, which, that to me, is what country music is. But I hope people walk away being like, 'Oh, it's really more about the stories and connecting more than it is anything else.'"

While filming, "I realized that deep down that the whole reason I'm doing the artist thing is to relate to people. And that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be liked by everybody, and that's okay," she adds. "I'm just happy with what I'm doing. I love telling stories and I love songwriting and not fitting in. It's kind of where I live. And I think that that's okay."

Ingrid Andress
Credit: Courtesy Amazon Music

At this year's Grammys, the "More Hearts Than Mine" star was the only country artist in the best new artist category. Although she ultimately lost to Megan Thee Stallion, she still felt like it was a win.

"I was so proud of the fact that country got represented in a way that is not the norm. And I love it when things are unpredictable and kind of out of the blue. And so for me, it was nice be that person being like, 'Yeah, we have things going on in Nashville, it's not all what you think country music is,'" she says. "So for me, it was encouraging and I fee that although nobody knows me, I'm just happy to be here."

A Lady Like That premieres on both the Amazon Music mobile app and Amazon Music's YouTube page on May 14. Listeners can also stream a reimagined Amazon Original version of "Lady Like," which was recorded with an all-female orchestra in Brooklyn, here.