Courtesy Montgomery Family
October 01, 2015 05:45 PM

In the wake of Hunter Montgomery’s tragic death from a drug overdose on Sunday, his former fiancée is sharing her heartfelt memories of him on Facebook.

The pair share a son together, Bennett Reece, who was born earlier this year. Little asks that Montgomery, who was the son of Montgomery Gentry’s Eddie Montgomery, always watch over their “sweet baby boy.”

Read her entire post below:

“There is so much I could say about Hunter Montgomery,” posted Little. “I could talk about how annoying he was and how bad all I wanted to do was just hit him over the head with a stick sometimes. I could complain about how we visited every animal shelter near us just so Hunter could go play with the puppies for hours and then proceed to beg me for the days following to adopt one until I literally wanted to pull my brains out.

“I could tell you about how stinkin mad he and [sister] Candace would get at me for never knowing what I wanted to eat and reading the menu for far too long (don’t listen to them though they exaggerate way too much). I could bring up all of the crazy stuff we did together that I would have never caught myself doing with anyone else, all of that would be cute to remember Hunter by but the thing to me that matters most is something I could never dream of being able to put into words. I will never be able to describe just exactly how Hunter made me feel from the very second that I met him. He may have pushed me miles out of my comfort zone and talked me into doing some crazy things, but I wouldn’t trade those years for anything on earth.

“When you put two strong personalities together like mine and Hunter’s, God only knows what you’re going to get. There were days that we spent doing nothing but telling one another how much we loved them, and then the very next day we were arguing over the color of the sky just for the sake of arguing. He pushed buttons of mine that no one else in this world will ever be able to push. We may not have done things the traditional way but lets get real, I don’t think there IS anything Hunter did the traditional way.

“Hunter gave me the greatest gift a man can give to a woman and no matter what happened to Hunter and I and where our relationship was going, I will forever be grateful for the sweet boy we have together. He lived more in his 19 years of life than most do in 80. Though he left me far too soon, he will always hold a huge part of my heart. Rest easy Hun and forever watch over our sweet baby boy for me.”

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