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February 24, 2015 05:20 PM

Hunter Hayes fans know that his true love is music. In fact, he started performing at age 2 when his grandmother gave him a toy accordion, and by age 7 he was invited to perform for President Bill Clinton at the White House. So it’s no secret that music is life for Hayes.

“Essentially, I’m just a boring dude,” Hayes has told PEOPLE. “The only thing I really like to talk about is my music.”

But we know the truth – and he’s really not boring at all! Play the classic get-to-know-you game Two Truths and a Lie with Hayes and you might get to know him a little better.

Two of the below statements are true, one isn’t. Can you guess the lie?

A) I talk out loud to myself.

B) I recently received a new addition to the family.

C) I always wear a suit to the studio.

A) I talk out loud to myself – TRUE!
“I talk out loud to myself, a lot. I walk through things, like when I’m in the studio wiring up mikes I talk myself through the process, like ‘Let’s do this and now I’m doing this and next I’ll do that.’ I need an engineer but I don’t have one.

“I’m constantly trying to figure out how to work things or make things work so I talk out loud to help myself figure it out. I’ve always done that though, since I was a child. People overhear me and laugh at me. That’s fine, I accept that. I have always spent a lot of time alone. When you’re alone for a long time it’s awfully quiet. I just want to break the silence.”

B) I recently received a new addition to the family – TRUE!
“I’ve adopted a retired greyhound, his name is Cole. I always wanted a greyhound. I love them and think they’re awesome dogs, and I love the idea of a rescue.

“It took me a good couple of years to work through the idea of having a dog and once I did that it took a couple months to fine-tune how that will work while I’m on the road. I’m very excited about him. All the research I’ve done on retired greyhounds, I think the bus will be a happy place for him and the road too, he’ll have lots of places to run around safely backstage. I’m also fixing up the house for him, so he’s going to have it made!”

C) I always wear a suit to the studio – FALSE!
“I don’t wear a suit to the studio but after watching a documentary about Chris Thile, the mandolinist, and the record he made with Edgar Meyer, Stuart Duncan and Yo-Yo Ma, I thought about it. It’s a brilliant record, The Goat Rodeo Sessions. He always wore a suit to the studio and he wears a suit to all his shows. He looks so sharp. I thought ‘Maybe I should wear a suit to the studio.’ I would show up, be professional in a suit and no matter how much of a clown I feel like, people would think I was serious because I’m in a suit.

“So far I haven’t done anything, but think about it and I still wear jeans and a T-shirt when I go into the studio. Maybe I’ll ease into it by wearing a blazer over the T-shirt.”


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