Plus: The new face of the Field & Stream brand tells why it's good for kids to take a break from technology

By Danielle Anderson
Updated August 22, 2016 08:00 AM
Credit: Courtesy Field and Stream

Jason Aldean is the new face of the Field & Stream brand – and it wasn’t just his love of hunting and fishing that inspired him to take on his new role.

The singer says his two daughters, Keely, 13, and Kendyl, 8, were also a big reason he got behind the campaign.

“I have two daughters and getting them involved in the outdoors is really important,” Aldean, 39, tells PEOPLE.

“For any parent right now, there’s so many other things that can keep kids distracted and keep them from wanting to go outside and do things in the outdoors. Now more than ever, that’s just an important message – to get them out and get them interested in other things.”

But Aldean acknowledges it’s not easy to keep a preteen or teenager away from technology.

“No matter how bad you want them to not sit there with an iPad, sometimes it’s inevitable. At the same time, you can keep it to a minimum by getting them outside and taking them fishing or even just walking around. You have to make it a point to get them off the couch and almost force them to go outside. It makes them realize there’s some pretty cool things out there if you open your eyes up and look around a little bit.”

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In Aldean’s new role as brand ambassador, he shot a TV ad which kicks-off on ESPN on Monday, telling the story of his own outdoor traditions. The spot features the country music superstar, joined by his father Barry, around a campfire sharing some of their favorite outdoor memories. Aldean’s latest album, They Don’t Know, is out Sept. 9.