Hear Clip of Dolly Parton's New Song 'Run' Alongside Excerpts of Her New Book 'Run, Rose, Run'

Run, Rose, Run, which Dolly Parton wrote with James Patterson, hits shelves on March 7 with an accompanying album

Readers, get ready to meet AnnieLee Keyes!

Dolly Parton's upcoming book with bestselling author James Patterson, called Run, Rose, Run, will hit shelves next month, and a new Bookcast is offering an early peek at both the book and the accompanying soundtrack written by Parton.

In the first of two Bookcasts released on Spotify Wednesday, listeners can hear an excerpt from chapter 32, which focuses on AnnieLee's journey to Nashville and her friendship with country legend Ruthanna Ryder.

In the clip, Ryder is voiced by Parton herself, as she reflects on the grind of life on the road and her signature song "Big Dreams and Faded Jeans" plays.

The song is one of 12 that Parton, 76, recorded for an album that will accompany the book as a soundtrack of sorts.

The second Bookcast, meanwhile, offers an excerpt of the heart-racing prologue, which features more insight into AnnieLee's mysterious past and also provides the first listen of "Run," another song featured on the soundtrack.

Run, Rose, Run, which hits shelves on March 7, follows AnnieLee's move to Nashville, where she dreams of becoming a star. After Ruthanna takes her under her wing, though, the new spotlight means AnnieLee runs the risk of having her past catch up to her.

Parton told PEOPLE last month that while she's long been a fan of Patterson's work, she wasn't exactly sold when he first proposed they work together.

"I thought, 'What? Why do you want to write a book with me? You're doing alright on your own and I'm doing OK,'" she said. "He said, 'No, I think this would be a good thing!' So I thought, 'Well, why not? I'm doing everything else.'"

dolly parton
Dolly Parton and James Patterson. Butterfly Records

The "Jolene" singer said that although she's written plenty of hits over the years, the songwriting process this time around was a little bit different.

"It's like writing for a Broadway show or something where you know who the characters are," she said. "It makes it easier to write for them. He would send pages and it would make me think, 'Oh wow, that would make a great song,' when something was said a certain way."

To help, she leaned on Patterson, 74, and the two — whom Parton said are "very similar in the fact that we like to have a good time and we don't take the work so serious we can't enjoy it" — swapped ideas.

dolly parton
Butterfly Records

"I'd get good title ideas from some of the things that he'd write, and then I would write something about that and the situation, and then he would expand on the characters and on more of the story," she said. "He says it was really beneficial to him, and it was beneficial to me, because we'd get together and put all those things together, clean up our mess, and then start again."

You can read an exclusive excerpt of Run, Rose, Run published in PEOPLE here.

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