Glen Campbell's Family Explains the 'Comforting' Effect Music Has on the Alzheimer's Stricken Icon

Glen Campbell's wife Kim and daughter Ashley discuss his final album, Adiós

Though in the final stages of Alzheimer’s, Glen Campbell has not lost his deep connection to music – and his last album exemplifies just that.

Campbell recorded Adiós in 2012, the year following his diagnosis, and the album was released on last Friday. His wife Kim and daughter Ashley sat down with PEOPLE Now to share the impact the album has had on the country music legend.

“It’s kind of a recorded version of him and his love for music even after Alzheimer’s,” Ashley said. “It didn’t take his voice or his soul in the music, and so that’s what you hear on his record.”

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Kim added that the whole family enjoyed creating the album even amid her husband’s struggles.

With Alzheimer’s, Campbell does not always process what he hears, but Ashley said that no matter what, music is still “very comforting for him.”

“Sometimes he’ll just close his eyes and kind of smile and start singing along, even though we don’t know what he’s singing along to, but he’s got a song in his heart and it’s really beautiful to see that.”

She adds, “I always felt so incredibly loved by my dad and my mom. Such good parents, and that’s who he was first and foremost, was a father. It meant the world to me that I was able ot help him when he needed it, as well.”

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