Brooks brought a young fan onstage during his concert over the weekend

By Nicole Sands
May 02, 2017 03:30 PM

Trust Garth Brooks to make dreams come true.

As the country crooner was performing one of his two shows in Champaign, Illinois on Saturday, he spotted one concertgoer named Kate in the crowd with a special message written on a neon paper sign that read, “Gonna be late to prom, GARTH comes FIRST.”

But for Brooks, his fans come first. The singer took a short break from belting out his hit songs to interact with the fan who put her senior prom plans on hold to see her idol in concert.

Credit: Inside Studio G / Garth Brooks Facebook

At her request, he performed his song “Ireland” and chatted with her a little bit more about her plans for the evening. Once it was revealed she did not have a prom date, Garth suggested she forgo the dance to return to his show and assist him with shooting out T-shirts to the audience during his hit “Friends in Low Places,” which she did — prom dress and all!

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“I’m gonna make a deal with you, okay?” said Brooks. “I’m gonna get one of my guys to come up and get your information. If you go to the prom tonight and it sucks, we’ve got a show here later. If you want to come back and shoot the [confetti] cannons and do stuff like that, you come hang with us, okay? All right, I love you.”

The two reconvened backstage for a photo opp, taking on the traditional “prom pose” to celebrate the moment.