"You see me smiling but you see me kind of getting teary-eyed," the country legend tells PEOPLE

By Karen Mizoguchi
November 28, 2017 09:45 PM

As one chapter closes, another one begins: Garth Brooks will be ending his three-year record-setting tour as he welcomes new career projects in his future.

“You see me smiling but you see me kind of getting teary-eyed. It’s an emotional rollercoaster,” the reigning CMA entertainer of the year said to PeopleNow host Jeremy Parsons about closing out his Garth Brooks Tour with Trish Yearwood in a few weeks during a Facebook Live chat on Tuesday for People Country.

After kicking off the world tour in 2014, it will all come to an end in Nashville in December following 383 shows. “It’s been three years of your life with your best buddies out there so you’re proud of your work but at the same time you hate to see it end because this is how you become accustomed to your days,” Brooks said of saying farewell to his tour family.

But as he and Yearwood prepare to wrap up the U.S. leg of the world tour, he’s exciting fans with the release of The Anthology Part 1, The First Five Years, a hardback memory book of more than 200 pages of Brooks’ rare and archived personal photos and stories spanning from 1989-1993.

Credit: Cameron Powell

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“Just wanted to get a base foundation of the story of the Garth Brooks career and in starting it realizing that I had never heard the stories from the other side,” Brooks explained of the concept. “It’s cool to hear the stories from their side, I learned a lot actually about the Garth Brooks career just through them.”

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Fans will get to view never-before-seen photos and hear rare anecdotes from Brooks’ longtime producer Allen Reynolds, in addition to five CDs of demos, mastered hits and day-writes.

“It’s the stories from the guys that never talked. These players they play on records and no one ever interviews them,” Brooks said. “The producer is one of the most modest men who’s ever walked the streets here in Nashville. I enjoyed thoroughly reading their thoughts because they’re our heart and soul.”

Adding, “The pictures were cool because pictures and videos weren’t allowed in the studio, it was a place for creation. Even record label people weren’t allowed in the studio. It was a very private place so finding pictures were tough. Any picture you got to see was pretty cool. And for me of course, it’s always about the music. … The things people never ever get to hear is the song’s journey to what it becomes. Those are the kinds of things you go behind-the-scenes you get to hear.”

With part one already out, fans can look forward to learning more about Brooks’ career and legacy as the following books will be released in the next five to six years.

“You’re seeing the journey not only of the artist but also you’re seeing the journey of the songs that makes the artist what an artist is,” Brooks said.

And that’s not all that will be released from Brooks.

“Try to remember in all of this, we’re kind of back. We’re getting to tour, we’re getting to cut stuff for today’s country radio,” the country star teased. “We’re going to be doing a lot of creating so this isn’t what you’re going to be hearing from us alone. You’re gonna hear the new stuff coming out as well. Thank God we’re busy, and hopefully people keep showing up.”