'He's Always Been My Icon': Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood's Sweetest Moments

The country music couple, who got married in December 2005, are still so in love with each other almost two decades later. See their cutest moments together over the years

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Standing by His Side

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood attend the 43rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors at The Kennedy Center on May 21, 2021 in Washington, DC
Paul Morigi/Getty

Garth Brooks was celebrated as a Kennedy Center honoree in June 2021, and wife Trisha Yearwood got teary as she proudly supported her husband during the prestigious ceremony. She also shared an Instagram tribute to express how she felt about her husband's high honor.

"Words cannot describe how proud I am of you. To watch you receive this honor was such a privilege. I will be forever grateful to stand by your side and do this life with you!" she wrote. "For a moment, on this night in DC, all the world was right. Congratulations my Kennedy Center honoree!"

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Relationship Goals

Matthew McConaughey and Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The couple guest hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show after celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary, and decided it was a great time to dole out some relationship advice. One viewer asked for their "advice for setting the mood in the bedroom," and Brooks said music was key for him.

"And I don't know if you listen to country music, but one of the greatest female voices ever on the planet is this gorgeous blonde named Trisha Yearwood," he said. "Yeah. That'll get you in the mood right there."

"You do need the right music," added Yearwood, who then joked, "There is this very sexy singer-songwriter guy who always gets me in the mood. Maybe you've heard of him? His name is John Legend."

Touching her surprised husband on the shoulder, Yearwood assured him, "I'm just kidding. I mean, I do love John Legend. I love listening to you too." Brooks then joked back, "You too? You want to clear that one up? Is it the band U2?"

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Being a Bonus Mom

trisha yearwood and garth brooks with daughter allie colleen
Trisha Yearwood, Allie Colleen Brooks and Garth Brooks. Rick Diamond/Getty

Yearwood spoke to PEOPLE in May 2021 about receiving "a lot of grace" as a bonus mom to Brooks' three daughters Taylor, August and Allie (with his ex-wife Sandy Mahl). Prior to marrying Brooks, Yearwood didn't have children of her own and joked she never "even really babysat," but Brooks became a "wonderful mentor" on her journey to parenthood.

Brooks' advice? "You'll find your way with each of them. Don't try to be their best friend, and don't try to be their mom," Yearwood shared.

With that, Yearwood embarked on bonus motherhood and today, she's an active "third parent in their lives."

"They were a gift that I didn't know I needed," she said. "I didn't know how much children brought into your life until I got a chance to be a part of their lives."

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Closer Than Ever

ELLEN - tWitch Guest Hosts with Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood
Warner Bros.

While COVID-19 quarantine may not have been the best for some couples, these two decided to use the opportunity to get through hard conversations about their relationship while holed up together — and their efforts paid off.

"I think 99.9 percent of people wouldn't have done what I [did], but I thought since we're here, and we ain't got nowhere to go, let's just attack some of the hardest things over the 15 years that bugs one of us, right?" Brooks explained to guest host Stephen "tWitch" Boss on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "And it was like living in a little house. You couldn't go anywhere, so you couldn't walk away from the conversation. And I thought it was great, I think we came out the other end even closer and tighter than we were when we went in."

Yearwood added, "If you can talk about the hard stuff, it's good. And we're in this for the long haul."

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No. 1 Fan

When your wife is not only a country icon, but also the founder of the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection, you can brag all you want — like Brooks did here next to a "Yearwoof" cardboard cutout.

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Together Forever

Fifteen years of marriage is no easy feat, so it was only right for Yearwood to celebrate the big milestone on Instagram in May.

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Icon Status

Brooks received Billboard's Icon Award in 2020. The coveted award has only been given out eight other times — to Neil Diamond (2011), Stevie Wonder (2012), Prince (2013), Jennifer Lopez (2014), Céline Dion (2016), Cher (2017), Janet Jackson (2018) and Mariah Carey (2019) — so Yearwood shared just how proud she was on Instagram.

"He's always been my icon, but now he's the world's too!" she wrote.

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Lucky to Have You

Brooks hit the jackpot tying the knot with Yearwood, and he knows it. The star gushed over his wife in a caption, paired with a photo from a sweet moment shared at the Grand Ole Opry, where Yearwood was inducted in 1999.

"I'm lucky that she's in love with the boy," Brooks wrote, referencing Yearwood's early '90s hit.

"@TrishaYearwood the @opry is lucky to have you ... and so am I!! love, me," he added.

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Album Love

Get you a husband who will promote your album and call you the queen that you are!

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Happiest Place on Earth

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Brooks and Yearwood were all smiles as they posed with Mickey Mouse during a trip to Disneyland in 2005.

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Longtime Loves

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood
Ron Wolfson/ Getty

The two shared a sweet moment as they hung out backstage in January 1998 at the 25th Annual American Music Awards in L.A.

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