Behind-the-Scenes with Gabby Barrett on the Set of Her Heartwarming 'The Good Ones' Video

The American Idol alum's newest video features Madeline Delp, who was named Ms. Wheelchair USA in 2017

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gabby barrett
Taylor Kelly

American Idol alum Gabby Barrett, 19, is opening up about the release of her new song "The Good Ones," and the inspiring video she crafted to go along with it.

"'The Good Ones' is such a special song to me — it's inspired by my love story with my fiancé Cade, so I knew that the video needed to be just as special," she told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview.

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gabby barrett
Taylor Kelly

The music video follows a young couple, facing hardships as viewers discover that the woman is in a wheelchair.

Her dream is to be able to stand up to dance with her love, and throughout the song, footage is shown of the man making a harness for the woman's dream to become a reality.

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gabby barrett
Taylor Kelly

"The Good Ones" video features Madeline Delp, who was named Ms. Wheelchair USA in 2017. The story behind the video is very similar to Delp's own life.

"I wanted the video to be authentic and genuine, as well as be captured just the right way, so finding Madeline to play our leading lady was such a gift!" Barrett told PEOPLE.

"Also, she was Miss Wheelchair USA 2017, which I think is amazing. I was so blessed to get to know her on set. She was so kind and radiated such light!"

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gabby barrett
Taylor Kelly

Barrett shared that Madeline and the leading man in the video, Patrick Worstell, told a story that was very relevant to Madeline's real life.

"Her personal story has common threads with the story in the video, so she connected with it and wanted to be a part of the project," said Barrett.

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gabby barrett
Taylor Kelly

In one beautifully filmed scene, Madeline and Patrick are finally able to dance together with the help of the harness he built.

Barrett said she hopes that touching scenes like these will convey the message that "everyone's love story is going to be unique."

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gabby barrett
Taylor Kelly

The country singer revealed that for the most part, there weren't any big bumps in the road when filming the video.

"Just seeing how Madeline and Patrick's scenes came together, and then building on that to bring the song to life was special and felt important to me," she said.

Adding, "Thankfully everything went smoothly and seemed to fall into place!"

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gabby barrett
Taylor Kelly

Barrett wanted to show viewers that it's important to hold on to the more special people in your life.

"I hope it reminds them to cling to those keepers, those 'good ones' when they come along — to treasure them and that special thing they have."

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gabby barrett
Taylor Kelly

"We had so much fun getting to shoot this," raved Barrett, who was just named Radio Disney's Next Big Thing artist.

"I hope everyone loves the video and the song as much as I do!"

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gabby barrett
Taylor Kelly

"The Good Ones" video shows Madeline and Patrick going through day to day activities together, while their love story continues to blossom.

In this scene, the couple goes grocery shopping together while Patrick pushes Madeline through the aisles.

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gabby barrett
Taylor Kelly

Barrett's fiancé, Cade Foehner, who was also a contestant on American Idol in 2018, makes a cameo in the video.

She told PEOPLE that she "knew" she had to include him in the clip.

"The music video was going to portray another person's 'good one,' so I knew I needed to include mine!"

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gabby barrett
Taylor Kelly

Having Foehner on set was very special for Barrett.

"I'm so glad Cade got to be a part of this video, and hang with me on the set," she added.

Looking forward, Barrett revealed that the release of "The Good Ones" is just the beginning for her.

"Expect a lot of exciting new stuff coming throughout the rest of the year. We're just getting started!" she told PEOPLE.

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