Ballard's been talking about buying and wearing this suit since January
Credit: Steve Marcus/Reuters/Landov

Frankie Ballard‘s ACM Awards suit is more than just a suit. It’s a personal celebration of his song “Helluva Life” hitting No. 1.

When asked by PEOPLE what the story was on his rhinestoned suit, Ballard responded:

“It’s a Manuel and I’ve always wanted one. It’s classic country. I had a No. 1 with “Helluva Life” and I wanted to blow it out and do something special so I went and got this … What better place to wear this than Las Vegas?”

Ballard was promoting his suit on social media as well.

He continued, telling PEOPLE that, “A lot of people have liked it, though I’m sure they’re probably laughing at me behind my back, but they’ve all come up and said it’s cool.”

“I think all of us country artists love these things because it’s what we think about when we think about country – the old days – Porter Wagoner, Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam wore these Nudie suits, so I think they like it.”


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