Florida Georgia Line on Their New Liquor Business: 'It's the Whiskey for the Non-Whiskey Drinker'

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With a slew of hit songs under their belt and countless awards to boot, Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line have conquered country music since making their debut in 2010 — and now they’ll soon be making their mark in the booze industry.

Fueled by their love of whiskey, the guys were inspired to launch their own brand, Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey, which is now available for purchase. “We’ve been drinking whiskey for a while, so it was a natural thing for us,” Kelley and Hubbard tell PEOPLE of their latest venture.

This move makes them just the latest celebs to get into the drinking business, with Drake most recently launching his own brand of whiskey called Virginia Black.

Courtesy Old Camp

Cracking down on Old Camp’s standout notes was also a no-brainer for the Florida and Georgia natives, who spent a year tasting and developing different flavors.

“We wanted it to taste like home,” they say. “With the peaches and the pecans, you’ve got a little bit of Florida, and a little bit of Georgia. The whiskey makes it an experience … you get to indulge in all three of them.”

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As for those who don’t consider themselves the biggest whiskey fans, Hubbard and Kelley have no doubts about Old Camp’s crowd-pleasing flavors.

“It’s absolutely the whiskey for the non-whiskey drinker,” they tell us. “Even for us, we love drinking whiskey, but we also love the taste of pecans because it’s got a unique flavor. You get a sip of that peach pecan, you’ll have another, I promise you.”

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