Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley and Wife Brittney Renew Wedding Vows on 5th Anniversary

Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley and wife Brittney renewed their wedding vows on their 5-year wedding anniversary while vacationing in Big Sur

Brian Kelley and Brittney Kelley vow renewalPhoto credit: Peer Johnson
Photo: Peer Johnson

Five years after they tied the knot, Florida Georgia Line‘s Brian Kelley and his wife Brittney have said “I do” once again.

The couple toasted to their fifth wedding anniversary during a relaxing getaway on the Northern coast of California on Dec. 16, but the country crooner decided to amp up their special day with a surprise wedding vow renewal ceremony at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California.

“The past five years have been such a blessing in our marriage and professionally — it’s just been a whirlwind,” one half of the country duo tells PEOPLE. “We’ve soaked up every second, but five years felt like a good [time to do it].”

“To say those words and make that commitment again — I feel like we do it every day; we tell each other we love each other and we show it by our actions — but to have a spiritual little ceremony with both of us, it’s just something I think we both needed after an amazing, long year,” he continues. “What a blessing this year has been. We just wanted to do that for ourselves.”

Brian Kelley and Brittney Kelley vow renewalPhoto credit: Peer Johnson
Brian and Brittney Kelley. Peer Johnson

While the act of renewing their vows was a milestone that had been discussed between the two lovebirds several times, Brittney, 28, figured it would come “during our 10-year.” However, when Brian, 33, alerted her of the special moment “not even 24 hours before” to give her time to “pick out what she wanted to wear,” Brittney decided to hit the nearest small town, Carmel, to search for the proper attire.

“We went to the sale section in Macy’s and found a really, really cool jacket,” she says about opting for something more “casual” than another lavish wedding gown. “At first, it was a little bit of a panic because we couldn’t find a white dress, but we got super excited when we found something casual, which is so us — casual and go with the flow.”

As if the setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean couldn’t get any more romantic, the winter sky opened up during their vows, adding an even more “spiritual” aesthetic to the ceremony.

“The lady had a lot of different titles, but she was renewing our vows in different spiritual ways,” says Brittney. “She was talking a lot about the Native American culture, and she was actually talking about cleansing and renewing, which was just so symbolic because it wasn’t raining really hard, but it was just misting and magical.”

Brian Kelley and Brittney Kelley vow renewalPhoto credit: Peer Johnson
Brian and Brittney Kelley. Peer Johnson

“As she was saying these words of cleansing and renewal, we were kind of getting cleansed ourselves,” she continues. “At the end of the ceremony we moved by the fire and she was talking about how you keep each other warm, so it couldn’t have been planned more perfectly.”

Brian Kelley and Brittney Kelley vow renewalPhoto credit: Peer Johnson
Brian and Brittney Kelley. Peer Johnson

Romantic surprises are how they roll. The couple wed during a secret outdoor ceremony at Kelley’s Nashville home in 2013 after “no official proposal or exchanging of rings,” the singer previously told PEOPLE. And finding it “insane” that five years have already passed, Brittney says “date nights, joking around and keeping it lighthearted” keep their marriage alive.

And, of course, there are the more intimate moments.

“We really enjoy baths together,” says Brian. “She got me into taking baths and that’s one of our favorite things.”

“Sometimes we’re on the run and we’re runnin’ n’ gunnin’ in terms of work, whether it’s Tree Vibez, FGL, Tribe Kelley or all of the above, [so] sometimes the bath is our catch-up time and other times it’s relaxing and we just won’t say a word,” he adds.

Finding it difficult to keep aspects of their life private, Brian and Brittney prefer to remain low-key whenever possible to keep “a balance.”

“When we’re home, our favorite thing is to be cooking at the house with the dogs running around with a game or a good TV show on, and having Brittney’s brother in town and my parents and my sister,” says Brian. “Even when it’s just me and Brittney and the dogs, that’s probably one of our favorite moments that we could ever have.”

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Brian and Brittney Kelley.

“She cooks and her food is my favorite – it’s amazing,” Brian says, adding his favorite dish is her “lemon pepper chicken with broccolini, and then she’ll do brussels sprouts sometimes.”

While Brittney does the cooking, Brian excels in the cleaning — an important quality she’s learned about him over the years.

“I didn’t know that he was so domestic,” says Brittney. “He will help me out when needed in the kitchen or whatnot, and he can clean really good also,” adding that his nickname is also “Mr. Particular” because of his keen attention to detail, “even down to renewing our vows.”

Cruising through life with their five fur babies, Brittney says it will most likely be another “couple of years” before they think about expanding their family to real babies.

“I think we could just use a couple more years to prep our little world here, which is kind of a circus,” she says. “We’re back and forth from Florida to Nashville and California, and we’re still trying to grow a couple businesses that we’re involved in. You can’t plan everything, so we would like to wait a couple of years, but you never know what could happen!”

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