"I wrote it a few years back and was pulling from personal experience, but it's more about getting rid of negative energy in your life," the country hitmaker tells PEOPLE

As country music hitmaker Tyler Filmore prepped to take the stage at a recent socially distant concert, a flood of worries went through his pandemic-weary mind, the biggest of which was the catwalk he noticed stretching endlessly out in front of him.

"I just kept on thinking, 'Have I been on the Peloton enough?'" says Filmore with a laugh in a recent interview with PEOPLE. "I had no idea if I could run around like I used to. But then the show started, and then the adrenaline got pumping, and I was running and doing this crazy dancing and acting ridiculous. I had missed being on stage so much. But by the last song, I was pretty winded. I cannot lie."

It's one of the somewhat beautiful realities for music artists of all genres as they begin to carefully crawl their way back to performing live music for fans at venues across the country.

"I did a show where the audience was in these separate pods, and as I was singing, I just kept on calling out different pods … it was like I was calling out bingo," jokes Filmore, 32, best known for distinctive singles such as "Love That About You," "Slower," "Blue Skies" and "Other Girl." "But in terms of performing, it was honestly like riding a bike. It all came back. I didn't know how much I had missed the social interaction. But yeah, I can't wait for this not to be a thing."

Unfortunately, COVID looks to be "a thing" for a bit more, as the country continues to vaccinate in the hopes of reaching herd immunity, allowing life to soon get back to some sort of normal. And for Filmore, that means releasing a plethora of new music, including intriguing tracks such as "Used to Be," "Good Thing" and his current single "Nothing's Better."

"It's sort of crazy that we decided to release a breakup song that I wrote now that I am happily married," remarks Filmore, who married longtime girlfriend Paige Korte last fall. "I wrote it a few years back and was pulling from personal experience, but it's more about getting rid of negative energy in your life. It could be a friend or a boss or a relationship. It's like realizing that this person is bad for me, so I am over that. There's a freedom to that."

It's a common, life is short, post-pandemic mantra that many in fact are starting to feel these days.

"Timing-wise, this song fell in a good spot," says the Missouri native of the song that is featured on his debut album State I'm In, which was released last September. "It's been crazy to watch the response. I definitely think it's going to be the highest streaming song of my career."

And yes, it's one of his wife's favorites.

"She loves all my music, so it's becoming a little hard to tell when she loves it and when she really doesn't," laughs Filmore, who has previously toured alongside the likes of Lauren Alaina, Sam Hunt and Dan + Shay. "Even when we were dating, I was writing all the time and bringing her different things that I was pulling from as a writer. 'Nothing's Better' was always one of her favorites, so she was as pumped as me that we were putting that one out."

Indeed, it's a team effort in the Filmore household these days, as the two are also planning a big reception for family and friends next month for all those who weren't able to attend their intimate wedding last year. And while the two were able to sneak away to Colorado for a scaled-back honeymoon following their wedding, they did have plans to have to take a second honeymoon abroad.

So, is that still happening?

"We plan to go somewhere, but at this point, nothing is planned," he admits. "It will be a little while before we can go abroad, so for now, we are just stoked that touring is opening back up. We are loving being able to travel to shows together as a married couple now."