June 30, 2015 11:30 PM

“Would you rather swim in New York City’s East River or walk barefoot in the subway?”

While attending FarmBorough on New York City’s Randall’s Island this past weekend, PEOPLE asked the festival’s performers this difficult (and equally disgusting) question.

Dustin Lynch and Luke Bryan readily answered that they’d prefer a dip in the sewage-filled East River – gross!

Lynch, 30, explained that the water is the lesser of two evils. “Subways scare me,” he joked. “And bare feet scare me.” Meanwhile, it’s a cleanliness issue for 38-year-old Bryan – he’s really not a fan of dirty feet. “You know when you have to take your shoes off at the airport? I have to have socks on… or I’m walking like Fred Flintstone,” he tells PEOPLE.

Kip Moore, 35, agreed with his fellow country stars: “I’m not walking barefoot in the subway, I’ll swim in the East River all day long – I’ll take my chances out there.”

Grab your Purell and watch the video above to see if any other country stars disagreed!

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