Eric Stonestreet Used to Work Security for Garth Brooks and Has the Photos to Prove It

Before Modern Family, Eric Stonestreet had a very different job — working security for country music star Garth Brooks

Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet shared some vintage throwback photos of himself in a very different type of role than the beloved TV star fans have come to know and love.

The 45-year-old actor posted a gallery to Instagram of himself and country music star Garth Brooks back in 1995, when Stonestreet worked security for Brooks at the performer’s concert in New York City.

He got the chance to remind Brooks about the gig too while attending a recent Brooks concert — meeting with the 55-year-old country singer backstage and showing him the photos, which Brooks signed.

One pic shows Brooks is reaching out from the stage to meet the hands of two fans, while a young Stonestreet watches attentively. Another captures a glasses-wearing Stonestreet staring out at the crowd while brooks sings.

Eric Stonestreet/Instagram

“Here’s to circles,” Brooks wrote on the pictures of their full-circle moment. He later posed for a new picture with Stonestreet backstage.

Stonestreet explained more about their reunion on Instagram. “In 1995 I worked security for a Garth Brooks concert in Manhattan Ks,” he wrote in the gallery’s caption. “Last night I finally got to say you’re welcome for keeping him safe that night and basically giving him the wonderful career he’s had thus far.”


“Thank you Garth for the amazing night I had with my #crew slash #squad,” he added of their concert experience, posting video of he and his friends singing along with Brooks. “#circles.”

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Though Stonestreet has left his security guard days behind, the Kansas native continues to remain plenty busy with his hit ABC sitcom.

The actor is also collaborating with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott to promote Ready. Raise. Rise, their educational fundraising campaign sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb that challenges people to learn more about cancer.

Brooks, meanwhile, remains busy on tour — with a seven upcoming shows in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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