Here's Where the Eli Young Band Goes to Feel That 'Saltwater Gospel'

The band needed the perfect beach to shoot their latest video – and found it in Oregon

Photo: Joseph Llanes

When Eli Young Band set out to make a video for their song “Saltwater Gospel,” they didn’t want to shoot it on just any old beach.

“We knew this wasn’t your everyday kind of beach song, which is why we had to find a beach that wasn’t your everyday kind of beach,” frontman Mike Eli tells PEOPLE of filming the video for the tune he says “is about so much more than just saltwater.”

So where’s the perfect place to “feel the power of the saltwater gospel?” Well, for EYB it was Cannon Beach in Oregon.

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“We couldn’t have picked a better location to shoot the video, I think that it suits the theme perfectly,” adds James Young, the band’s guitar player. “The vastness of any ocean can humble you quickly and sometimes you realize just how small you are on this planet earth. Everybody has somewhere they can go and just get away from it all. We as the band usually migrate to saltwater.”

The band says no plot lines were necessary, the goal was to just let the beauty of the beach and the sway of the lyrics do the storytelling for them in the clip.

“The song just feels good,” says bass player Jay Jones. “It’s a little three minute escape from whatever is going on in life that we need a vacation from. We wanted to capture that same vibe visually. We really felt like the lyrics of saltwater gospel said it all and there was no reason to have a video to tell a big dramatic story. Instead, we wanted it to just be full of great imagery to help set the mood.”

The song is the lead single for their forthcoming album, which the band is currently in the studio recording.

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