Last year, Montgomery married his longtime girlfriend, and within a few days, his home was struck by a tornado
Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty

Fans of country music were rocked Sunday by the announcement that Hunter Montgomery, son of Montgomery Gentry’s Eddie Montgomery, had died at the age of 19.

Hunter had been on life support following an earlier accident in the family’s home state of Kentucky. “I appreciate all your prayers and love and thank you for giving us privacy as we grieve and say goodbye,” Montgomery said in a statement.

Hunter’s death is the latest in a series of tragedies that have rocked Montgomery’s personal life over the past five years.

In 2010, Montgomery revealed that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and while he eventually underwent a successful surgery for the tumor (“I found it very, very early,” he told The Boot), his wife Tracy served him with divorce papers shortly after he received his diagnosis.

“U find out u got cancer then u found out ur wife can’t handle that so she files for a divorce,” Montgomery tweeted in December 2010. (He eventually deleted the post.) Montgomery’s ex-wife, Tracy, later told Lexington, Kentucky’s LEX 18 News that “Despite what is being said, Eddie’s cancer had absolutely nothing to do with my decision. It’s what the public doesn’t know that finalized an extremely difficult decision that I was forced to make.”

In January 2014, Montgomery filed for bankruptcy in Lexington, citing debts of over $13 million from his failed restaurant (Eddie Montgomery’s Steakhouse in Harrodsburg) and divorce from Tracy. (The pair opened the restaurant together in 2009.)

In April 2014, Montgomery married his girlfriend Jennifer; apparently the singer’s home was struck by a tornado within the same few days.

In July, Montgomery went on a rant over Twitter seemingly inspired by the flight of two Russian bombers off the coast of California. The stream of tweets touched on recent developments in Iran’s nuclear arms deal and a “secret society” in Washington before concluding, “This is OUR [COUNTRY].

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