Easton Corbin Debuts No-Frills Music Video for 'Somebody's Gotta Be Country'

The country singer showcases his personality and country lifestyle in the new music video for his latest single

Easton Corbin is living his best country life and showing off his personality in the music video for his new single “Somebody’s Gotta Be Country.”

“We really didn’t have a treatment for this video for ‘Somebody’s Gotta Be Country,’ which made it easy for me,” Corbin, 36, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “We just went out to a farm that I spend a lot of time at, and I really just spent the day doing what I do.”

Revealing he didn’t even have a stylist or professional props on set, the star says he just featured “stuff that’s always in the back of my truck.”

Dusty Barke

In the video, Corbin has a blast playing his guitar, riding around in an over-sized truck and shooting his bow and arrow.

While the music video shoot was an “enjoyable experience” for Corbin because of its no-frills theme, the singer admits the cold weather was a downside.

Still, the final product reflects the down-home feel he was going for when it came to bringing the song to life.

Says Corbin: “I thought it was important for me to just be myself and to authentically capture my lifestyle which is also so much a part of the song.”

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