Dylan Scott's Son Is Starting to Copy Dad's Country Star Moves: 'This Kid Is Watching Me Too Much'

"Either I'm in trouble or this kid's about to make me a lot of money!" the singer-songwriter jokes

Dylan Scott has driven many a truck in his life, but it's the first one he can't seem to forget.

"My granddad had a 1988 Toyota 4x4 single cab pickup truck," Scott, 30, tells PEOPLE in a recent interview. "He actually gave it to me and then I worked all summer to buy a lift kit for it and tires and wheels and a stereo system and all that stuff. So yeah, it was pretty cool. It's a special truck."

Granted, the country music hitmaker has gone and climbed behind the wheel of nearly 10 more trucks in his lifetime thus far, with every single one playing a different role in his ever-changing life.

"I'm definitely a truck guy," he says. "I go through them like crazy. I'm pretty sure I get a new one every year and a half or so. I get bored with them pretty quick."

It was Scott's current truck of choice, an Ford F-150, that he was sitting in when he took his first listen to his current single "New Truck," a twist on the traditional country song about trucks, choosing to focus more on the bittersweet memories that seem forever etched within the seats of the trucks of one's life.

"My truck has always been a good place for me to listen to music, but with this one, I was immediately taken back by how different it sounded," Scott remembers of "New Truck." "It's an up-tempo breakup song about a truck, but it's just very relatable. I feel better about this single than honestly, any single I've ever released. That's how good I feel about it."

Dylan Scott
Dylan Scott. Cody Villalobos

Yes, it's even relatable to a guy like Scott, who has known his wife Blair since he was just 15 years old.

"I think we had a stint where we broke up for two or three months," he says with a laugh. "And those were a tough few months. Sometimes, it's in those times that you hop in your car, or your truck and you think about all the good times y'all had riding down that road, and you're just trying to do anything to get rid of these memories."

Written by HARDY, Hunter Phelps, Ben Johnson and Ashley Gorley, "New Truck" is Scott's first release following his second No. 1 RIAA gold-certified single, "Nobody," which snagged him the 2021 CMT Music Award for breakthrough video of the year.

"As a kid growing up watching the CMT Awards, you never think that you'd actually win an award," says Scott, whose debut single "My Girl" went to No. 1 back in 2016. "Even when I was nominated, I was like, 'It's cool to be nominated, but I'll never win that.' And then they actually call your name, and you just can't believe it's real."

CMT 2021 Photo Booth
Dylan Scott. Katie Kauss

Scott is also in a current state of disbelief about the crowds he now finds himself performing in front of these days as he's currently on the road with Luke Bryan on the Proud to Be Right Here Tour. And with the country star out on this particular tour through October, his family won't be with him as much as he might like.

"I'm back on one bus and spending time with my band, just like the old days," says Scott, who will headline his third annual Bayou Stock Festival on Oct. 23 in his home state of Louisiana. "The fam will probably come for a couple of days here and there so they can experience it."

And one of those who seems more eager than ever to experience the rock star life is Scott's 3½-year-old son Beckett.

"My wife found a video of him the other day on her phone — he had set her phone up on the bar, turned the camera around to him, pressed record and said, 'Hey, what's up y'all? This is Beckett Scott,'" Scott recalls. "This kid is watching me too much. He's watching my every move."

He laughs heartily: "Either I'm in trouble or this kid's about to make me a lot of money!"

With Beckett and daughter Finley Gray, 22 months, at home, will Scott and Blair be adding to their brood?

"My wife says we're done, but I could go one more and she knows that," Scott says with a laugh. "So you never, never know."

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