Scott almost didn't record the song, because "I thought to myself, 'Who wants to hear my mush, gushy love story with my girlfriend?'"

By Kelsey Hendrix
July 17, 2017 12:15 PM
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This article was originally published on July 7. On July 17, “My Girl” hit No. 1.

Dylan Scott is having quite a year. And it’s only July.

The Louisiana native has come a long way from his rural roots, but he promises his life in Nashville reflects his humble upbringing.

“I related to country music because of the way I was raised,” Scott tells PEOPLE. “That got me to Nashville and songwriting. You write about things you relate to and how you live. Mine goes back to how I was raised, times in high school in Louisiana; it shaped me into who I am as a writer and artist.

“My parents raised me to be a good kid and be real. I continue to do that no matter what success we have. I don’t let it get to my head. I’m a real person, a real guy, and I feel like the way my parents raised me is still part of me as a person and the key to it all.”

Credit: Joseph Llanes

One might even say Scott wouldn’t have found his muse if not for those afternoons four-wheeling and late night drives with his high school sweetheart, Blair Anderson. After all, it was his now-bride who inspired Scott’s first Top 5 single, catapulting him into mainstream country radio.

As he’s explained countless times, Scott recalls riding in his truck with Blair when an Eminem song came on the radio. The innocent girl in front of him instantly switched gears, rapping the lyrics to “Lose Yourself,” leaving Scott shocked and inspired.

“She scooted over to my side of the truck and she rapped the whole song … and it was hot,” Scott remembers. “Don’t ask me why. But I sat down to write a song about it and at the time I just put a few lines about rapping Eminem down. The more I thought about it, I wanted to call it ‘My Girl’ and have it be all the things I see in my girl that no one else gets to see.”

And while Scott almost didn’t record the song, because “I thought to myself, ‘Who wants to hear my mush, gushy love story with my girlfriend?'” he was ultimately convinced that it could be a relatable song for country-loving couples around the world. And it is — “My Girl” is currently sitting at No. 3 on the country airplay chart and is the No. 5 hot country song. “We were high school sweethearts, so it’s cool having something so personal — our love story — be my big hit,” Scott admits.

Since then, Scott’s gone on to sell out a show at the Troubador, release a debut album, and he’s gearing up for a deluxe album to drop with three new songs on Aug. 4. The album will include “Hooked,” a single for which Scott has already produced a video, highlighting the energy behind one of his most memorable shows to date in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“[‘Hooked’] is one of those songs where I don’t have ties to it,” Scott explains. “I barely know one of the writers and I didn’t have to record it. But I knew instantly that I wanted to. The way I like to record is to find songs that I could see myself riding around listening to.”

Dylan Scott Cameron Powell
Credit: Cameron Powell

As if a hit single and deluxe album weren’t enough, Scott is also gearing up for a new addition at home. The singer-songwriter is expecting his first child (the couple will find out this month if it’s a boy or girl!) in December, but says he has no fears when it comes to becoming a parent.

“I’m not scared at all,” Scott says. “My wife is so good with kids. I’ve watched her for a long time now and she’s really good. In that aspect, I’ve got her to show me everything I need to know.

“We’re super excited. It wasn’t really planned to have a kid, but there’s nothing like now,” he jokes. “I got her a puppy to try to hold her over, but two weeks later we had a positive pregnancy test!”