The country star chats with PEOPLE about catchy new tune "Good Girl," headlining BaseFEST, and more
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In a sharp pivot from the lusty tracks of Current Mood, Dustin Lynch surprised fans with a new single, “Good Girl,” a summertime anthem on finding love, earlier this month. The Tennessee native knows how to keep his fans on their toes, but more than anything, he knows how to tug on their heartstrings — whether in the form of a regret-laced, blurred Sunday morning or a Dixie full of Jack and the night’s potential.

As he amps up for busy summer touring season, we caught up with Lynch, 32, to chat new music, upcoming plans, and his upcoming headlining gig at BaseFEST Powered by USAA, a music festival for military communities, this Saturday, May 12th.

You’re heading to Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas to headline BaseFEST this weekend. What’s that like?

It sounds like it’s gonna be a giant party and to get to celebrate the military is going to be great. I think beforehand, once I get to the base, I’m going to get around with some of the guys and the girls and take in some of the base and see what that’s life about. I’m looking forward to getting to hang out and shake some hands before the show.

Dustin Lynch
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“Good Girl” has surely been stuck in all of your fans’ heads these past few days. What’s the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration behind the song is probably me longing to find that person [laughter]. The two guys that I was with [Lynch co-wrote the song with Justin Ebach and Andy Albert] have already found their “good girl.” So they were probably writing from a different spot than I am. I’m still writing about things that I haven’t experienced and want to experience in life. I think finding that special someone is something we’re all hurtin’ to do. [So the inspiration behind “Good Girl” is] just knowing that that person is out there somewhere for me… and knowing that my mom wants me to find her more than anybody.

You’ve recently started sharing intimate snapshots of your life with videos on social media. How’s that been?

It’s been wonderful, to be honest, I was a little scared to do it at first. It’s been so eye-opening and great. The connection with my fans has never been stronger and people are now pulling for us off-stage as much as they are on. Selfishly, it’s a bit of therapy for me to talk about things and put things out there in the universe.

Your birthday is this Monday, May 14th. Any special plans?

I’m going to celebrate the night before with my mom for Mother’s Day. [My parents and I] are going to grill out in Nashville. Maybe we’ll go fishing or something like that. I’m really just going to lay low and recharge, I’ve got the whole week off [and then] a crazy travel schedule after that.

How’s it feel to get the CMT nomination for “Small Town Boy” for Male Video of the Year?

I was shocked. I did not expect that but it’s wonderful. It’s guys that I’ve looked up to for years and years and years and guys that I’ve grown up with. To be nominated means that we’ll get to enjoy it a little bit more and fingers crossed we’ll get to get up on that stage and either play a song or present or something. I’m excited to be included in that lineup.

We know you love Reba, but besides her and other country acts, who else are you listening to right now?

I’ve really been digging Khalid. There’s something really cool about his vocals. He’s the new, outside-of-the-ordinary artist I’ve been checking out. I just saw Justin Timberlake live a couple nights ago and it was unbelievable and in the top three shows I’ve ever seen in my life. He can do no wrong. He’s so talented. [Chris] Stapleton also came out and sang “Say Something” and “Tennessee Whiskey.”

So what’s next?

We’re preparing for the summer and constantly trying to write the next big hit. “Good Girl” came out of nowhere. We really weren’t writing with a focus, it just organically happened. Now having the ability to release music like this [so quickly] is really, really inspiring. I’m just trying to figure out what we’re going to do after “Good Girl.”

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