Drake White Reflects on His Recovery from a Brain Hemorrhage: 'I Feel Extremely Lucky to Be Here'

"I just wanted to glorify women in a song," White says of his latest single "Power of a Woman"

Drake White had serious doubts he would ever walk again.

The thoughts would creep into the singer's head during the months he spent recovering from a brain hemorrhage he suffered during a concert in the summer of 2019 that ultimately affected a portion of his left side.

"There were times that I didn't feel like going on," White, 38, tells PEOPLE of the time spent recuperating from the hemorrhage, which occurred mere months after he had been diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) "I just wanted to quit."

But that's when White's wife Alex White became the ultimate rockstar in his life, refusing to let those doubts take over their life and future.

Drake White
Drake White. Zack Knudsen

"Alex was truly the person that, when I was mad and upset about not being able to walk and I didn't know what was going to happen to me, she would be the one who would then take charge," the Alabama native remembers. "She would say, 'I'll tell you what's going to happen. You're going to learn to walk again. You're going to play again. You're going to get back on stage. We're going to have kids. You're going to hold those kids over your head. That's what's going to happen.' "

In fact, Alex went as far as taping her leg to White's ailing left leg during those early days of recuperation in an effort to help her husband feel once again what it was like to put one foot in front of the other.

"She would just keep doing that until it registered in my brain that we were walking again," says White. "She helped me back on my feet and got me back on stage, along with the help of my mom and (Alex's) mom and my aunt and so many other incredible women."

Indeed, it was the strength emulating from these special women that ultimately helped White power through to the place where he stands today, as someone who is not only walking, but building a career that includes new songs, new shows and next year, a brand-new album.

"I feel really good," White says with a smile. "I feel like God's got something massive on the other side, because why else would he put us through all that? But as far as how I'm feeling, I just feel extremely lucky to be here."

And according to White, getting here from there wouldn't have been possible without the women in his life, and it's these women that serve as the cornerstone of White's recently released song "Power of a Woman."

"It doesn't matter if it is the waitresses at my favorite greasy spoon Wendell Smith's (restaurant) or the vice president of the United States, there's just so many powerful women out there," White explains. "I just wanted to glorify women in a song."

Drake White
Drake White and Alex White. Zack Knudsen

And he has done just that with the "Power of a Woman." For the inspiring music video, the country artist asked fans to share inspiring stories about the women in their life. All in all, over 300 stories were submitted for the song's music video, including a young girl who is a Stage IV cancer survivor that White met many years ago. White wrote the track alongside Lindsey Hinkle and Kelli Johnson.

"Luke Bryan and I did a benefit concert for her," remembers White. "She's like a superhuman, super kid. She's cancer-free and she's just been a blessing to so many young kids and a blessing to us just to watch her go through it with such pride and resilience."

He pauses for a moment.

"God just made women in a different way," says White, who continues rehabilitation on his left hand.

"He made y'all empathetic and that's what the world needs. The world needs a little compassion. At the same time, I watch women like Alex crush it every day, keeping it all together when I can't even find my wallet," he adds with a laugh.

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